Weinberger Wins Bronze in Men's 10K Open Water

While most people probably assumed that Canada's last medal in swimming had come with Ryan Cochrane's dramatic silver-medal performance in the men's 1500, those who have followedRichard Weinberger (UVPCS) Won BC's Third Medal in Swimming in Men's 10K Open Water  Richard Weinberger's progress knew that it would probably be worth their while getting up early on April 10 to watch the men's 10K open water race from Hyde Park.

And indeed, Weinberger did not disappoint, as he took the bronze medal in that race, finishing just 5.2 seconds behind gold medalist Ous Mellouli (TUN) in a race that lasts just under two hours.

Weinberger defeated last year's world champion and perennial favourite, Spiro Gianniotis (GRE) who couldn't match the pace of the top 3 over the final 200m.  In fact, heading around the final turn, Mellouli had roughly 15 seconds on a group of three that included Lurz, Weinberger and Gianniotis, but Lurz and Weinberger closed a lot on Mellouli, finishing within just seconds.

Times at the finish were:  Mellouli 1:49:55.1; Thomas Lurz (GER) 1:49.58.5; Weinberger 1:50:00.3, while Gianniotis was over 10 seconds back.

Congratulations to Richard and his coach, Ron Jacks!