SwimBC & BCSCA Awards Night and Hall of Fame Induction

The 2012 iteration of the SwimBC and BCSCA Awards Banquet was once again held in conjunction with the Annual BC Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

This year, SwimBC was very pleased to be inducting four members of the 1980 Olympic Team - Rob Baylis, Bruce Berger, Wade Flemons, and Eugene Gyorfi - into the Hall in recognition of their achievements in making the 1980 Olympic Team, but then being denied the opportunity to compete the in the Games due to the US-lead boycott.

Presenting the new inductees with their "Firby Awards" (named in honour of lengendary BC swim coach, Howard Firby) were four other members of that team who had already been enshrined in the Hall of Fame: Cheryl Gibson (swimmer), Ron Jacks, Tom Johnson, and Deryk Snelling (coaches).  Steve Pickell, another BC Hall of Fame member who was also part of that team, was unable to attend.

The awards ceremony, of course, also included the annual BCSCA awards as well as the awards that SwimBC hands out to athletes, clubs, and volunteers, and the special recognition from Team Aquatic Supplies in nameing the Male and Female Swimmers of the Year,

BCSCA Coaching Awards 

  • 10&U Coach of the Year: Dusan Toth-Szabo (LCSC)
  • 12&U Coach of the Year: Amy Canuel (WDSC)
  • 14&U Coach of the Year: Annie Wolfe / Brad Dingey (PSW)
  • 17&U Coach of the Year: Jerzy Partyka (PGB)
  • Youth Coach of the Year: Tom Rushton (VAND)
  • Junior Coach of the Year: Emil Dimitrov (LLSC)
  • Para-Swimming Coach of the Year: Reg Shaw (SKSC)
  • Open Water Coach of the Year: Ron Jacks (UVPCS)
  • National Coach of the Year: Tom Johnson (VNC)
  • International Coach of the Year: Randy Bennett (VAS)
  • Rubber Boot Award (tie): Mark Bottrill (HYACK) and Tom Rushton (VAND)

Athlete and Volunteer Awards Awards

  • BCSOA Official of the Year: Len Stein
  • Mies Schootman Volunteer of the Year: Angela Swyers (WRSC)
  • SwimBC Male Para-swimmer of the Year: Nathan Stein (SKSC)
  • SwimBC Female Para-swimmer of the Year: Brianna Nelson (IS)
  • SwimBC Open Water Swimmer of the Year: Richard Weinberger (UVPCS)
  • SwimBC Club of the Year: Kamloops Classic Swimming
  • TAS Female Swimmer of the Year: Martha McCabe (VAND)
  • TAS Male Swimmer of the Year: Ryan Cochrane (IS) 

SwimBC Strategic Plan Unveiled

Also over the course of the weekend, SwimBC unveiled its 2012-2017 Strategic Plan, centered around four pillars of program support and organization development.  A summary of the plan is available here, with fuller explanation provided in this document