Para-Swimming Classification Opportunity

This is going to be a very busy year for para-swimming and, in anticipation of both Canada Games and the Spring Can Am meet, we want to be sure that all swimmers and coaches are aware of the classification opportunities by which a swimmer who does not have a current national level classification can get one.

All swimmers attending Canada Games must have a national classification by the entry deadline (May 4, 2013). Swimmers without a national level classification will be ineligible to attend Canada Games.

The Spring Can Ams are being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There will be no national level classification at this swim meet; only IPC international classification. Canadian swimmers who want to attend the must have a national classification prior to attending.

Swimming Canada is offering a classification opportunity for swimmers who require a national level classification prior to attending the Spring Can Am meet or for Canada Games selection.


  • February 28 – March 3, 2013 in Victoria, BC in conjunction with the Swim BC AAA Provincial Championships. Coaches need to submit a request for classification to Swimming Canada by February 14, 2013. Meet information can be found though the SNC website.

Questions specifically regarding this meet should be addressed to:

Mike Flegel:    


National classification requires a bench test, a water test and observation (of the athlete) during competition; date and facility selection should reflect this. Expenses pertaining to the travel and hosting of classifiers attending such an event are the sole responsibility of the province hosting the classification. Scheduling of other classification opportunities will be dependent on the availability of national level classifiers.


If you have any questions regarding classification contact Janet Dunn