Final Day of CDN Age Group Champs

The final day of the 2013 Canadian Age Group Championships proved to be somewhat of a challenge as the outdoor pools were beset by precipitation that varied from light drizzle to biblical-scale downpour.

That did nothing, however, to dampen the performance of Tai Long Singh (WDSC), who was the only swimmer in the meet to run the table - taking first place in all eight of the individual events he entered.  After winning the 50-100-200 triple in both backstroke in freestyle, he showed more range easily winning the 200IM and 50 Fly on the final day of the meet.

Faith Knelson (LCSC) wrapped up the meet in the same manner in which she began - winning a gold medal; on Sunday, it was in 200IM.  And Molly Gowans (UVPCS) did likewise with a gold of her own in 400Free.

CDSC’s 13&U boys team of Sam Shen, Jackson Xie, Kenny Liu, and Angel Rodriguez also won a gold medal in the 400 M.R.

Those winning silver medals on the final day were:

  • Kevin Viliunas (CDSC) - 50 Fly
  • Paul Zou (WDSC) - 400 Free
  • UVPCS - 14&U girls 4x100 M.R.

Bronze medalists on the final day:

  • Blaire McDowell (UVPCS) - 200IM
  • Jordan Andrusak (UVPCS) - 200IM
  • Connor Skuse (NIPA) - 200IM
  • Brooke Lamoureaux (NIPA) - 400 Free
  • Sarah Whelan (HYACK) - 400 Free
  • Angel Rodriguez (CDSC) - 400 Free