Swim-a-thon Update

SwimBC wishes to inform its membership of an important update to the Swim-a-thon program, coming from Swimming Canada CEO,  Ahmed El-Awadi.

Any questions on the implications of this can be directed to the SwimBC office at 604-898-9100.


October 2, 2014
To: All Provincial Swimming Organizations, Clubs From: Swimming Canada

Dear PSOs & Clubs,

Subject: Swim-a-thon for the balance of 2014


This letter is to update you on the status of Swim-a-thon for the balance of 2014.

Swim-a-thon's donation tax receipt issuance will be placed on hold until January 1, 2015. For Canada Revenue Agency compliance reasons we will not be issuing any further tax receipts in 2014 for the Swim-a-thon program as we need complete some significant systems changes that will take the rest of the year to complete. We forecast that the changes will be ready as of Jan 1st, 2015.

In November we will issue another update regarding the status of the system. There will be some notable changes to the program such as the following;

  • In 2015, no registered swimming family will be eligible to receive a charitable receipt for swim-a-thon donations.

  • A club wishing to participate in swim-a-thon cannot have a mandatory swim-a-thon assessment. They may have a fundraising assessment – but this assessment cannot include a mandatory swim-a-thon levy.

  • A more detailed process will be in place to track any cash or cheque donations for compliance purposes.

  • Any club signing up to run swim-a-thon in 2015 will have to sign the affidavit that states that the grant they receive from participating in Swim-a-thon© will only be spent on general club operations and not be put into individual swimmer accounts.

    Please note that these changes are to ensure our compliance with Government of Canada tax rules as they relate to our status as Charity.

    Kind Regards,

    Ahmed El-Awadi CEO
    Swimming Canada