Important Swim-a-thon Update for 2015

Swim BC wishes to inform its membership of an important update to the Swim-a-thon program, coming from Swimming Canada CEO,  Ahmed El-Awadi.

Any questions on the implications of this can be directed to the SwimBC office at 604-898-9100.


November 29, 2014

To: All Provincial Swimming Organizations & Swim Clubs with Mandatory Swim‐a-thon fees
From: Ahmed El‐ Awadi
Chief Executive Officer

Subject: Swim‐a‐thon for 2015 ‐ update

This letter is to clarify our memo previously sent in regards to member clubs that have mandatory swim-a-thon assessments in place.

In our advisory sent out in early October 2014, we stated “In 2015, no club wishing to participate in Swim‐a‐thon can have a mandatory Swim‐a‐thon assessment. They may have a fundraising assessment – but this assessment cannot include a mandatory swim‐a‐thon levy.”

We understand that many clubs already had their fee structure in place at the time of this memo, and therefore were unable to make any changes to club policies.

In response to this fact, we have revised our position to the following:

In 2015, any clubs with mandatory swim‐a‐thon assessments may participate in Swim‐a‐thon, however no donors to the club Swim‐a‐thon will be eligible for charitable tax receipts.  We are currently working with Raising Spirit to update the online system to reflect this change.

Swimming Canada is doing everything possible to continue to offer this great fundraising program and meet our legal obligations as a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. Swimming Canada is required to ensure compliance with the charities directorate. We will continue to make adjustments and improvements to the program to ensure the program continues to flourish well into the future.

Kind regards,

Ahmed El‐ Awadi
CEO, Swimming Canada