Hey - It Looks Different!

Yes - that's correct. We haven't been hacked and you didn't type in the wrong URL, but as you may have surmised, we've re-done our website.

With this layout and content management system, the page gains responsive design, making it more easily navigable on mobile devices.  And with almost a third of our traffic coming from phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, it seems like a good move.

The menu items at the top have been re-aligned somewhat, and we will continue to evaluate how those headings and alignments work, meaning there may be some tweaks here and there as we get feedback.

Speaking of which, we've done our best to cross-check all the content from the old version of our site, but if you notice something missing or out-dated, please drop us a line and let us know.

I hope you enjoy the new site and its expanded feature-set; there are many additional capabilities with this site that we look forward to rolling out in the future as well.