2015-2016 SwimBC Time Standards

Below is the link to the 2015-2016 SwimBC Time standards. These standards were developed by a sub-committee of SwimBC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which was composed of three coaches who sit on TAC along with SwimBC’s Program Director.

The goals with the time standards for the coming season were as follows:

  • Bring the size of AAA and AA Championships closer together
  • Develop AA Championships into a more meaningful event
  • Reduce some of the gaps which previously existed when swimmers aged up, particularly from 11&U to 12-13.

To effect those changes, the sub-committee arrived at the following:

  1. AAA time standards from 2014-2015 will remain the same in most events, with the exception of the stroke 50s, which got significantly faster - for the most part, 2% slower than the Canadian Age Group Championships standard for the younger age (e.g., the SwimBC 14-15yr. 50 Fly AAA time will be the CAGC 14yr. old standard plus 2%)
  2. The stroke 50s will continue to be included as medal/scoring timed final events during prelims of AAA Championships 
  3. The stroke 50s will also be included in that same manner in AA Championships.
  4. Swimmers will require THREE AAA times to attend AAA Championships, and will be permitted TWO bonus entries.
  5. Swimmers will require TWO AA times to attend AA Championships, and will be permitted THREE bonus entries.
    • Swimmers qualified for AA Championships will be able to swim the events in which they have AAA times.
  6. The AA standards in the 12-13 age group were re-worked to be more closely aligned with a Top10-ranked time in the 11&U age group
  7. Team scoring will be re-introduced at AA Championships, and a team championship banner will be awarded to the highest-scoring team

 Swimming Canada 2015-2016 Time Standards

Swimming Canada has stated that the 2016 Trials standards will remain as they were in the 2014-2015 season. The complete list of standards is linked below.