Revision to SwimBC Blackout Policy

SwimBC has revised the SwimBC blackout policy to reduce the length of the blackout periods surrounding AA and AAA Championships.

Specifically, the “blackout” periods will now extend simply from the start through to the conclusion of each SwimBC AA or AAA Championship meet.  This means that swimmers eligible to participate at the SwimBC designated event (AA or AAA Championships) will now be permitted to compete on the weekend before or after the applicable meet, regardless of whether or not they attend the AA or AAA Championship meet.
hey will 
not be permitted to compete at a different SwimBC sanctioned competition only on the days of the AA/AAA Championships  

As in the past, this policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

It is important to remember that SwimBC, as the sanctioning authority within the province, will continue to review sanction requests for all competitions; any sanction request which, in SwimBC’s sole discretion, seeks to detract from one of SwimBC’s Championship events, will be denied. 

The following two groups continue to be excluded from any blackout rules:

  1. 10&U swimmers are exempt from the blackout periods; for example, 10&U swimmers may compete in Regional meets during a given blackout period even if they have 11&U AA or AAA times.
  2. Swimmers who earn high-performance funding from SwimBC – whether it be Program or Athlete High Performance funding – are also exempt from SwimBC blackout periods while receiving that funding.