Update from Randy Bennett

Glad to hear that Randy is doing well - back home, responding well to the chemo and feeling more like himself again.  He posted this message an his Facebook page last week; we continue to wish him well and look forward to seeing him back on the deck soon.

Well I’ve never thought of myself as a social media guy but considering all the attention I’ve gotten lately I might just have to open up a Twitter account. I heard someone even tried to turn me into a hashtag, whatever that is.

Anyway, I have checked out of the hospital. I’m home full time and I’m healthier than I’ve been in a long time. I’m responding well to the chemo. I feel really good, I’m back in control of my body and I’m working actively on rehabbing. My plan is to start assimilating back into a normal lifestyle over the next week or so and get back into the public domain. Things are going exceptionally well.

I want to give a big thank you first of all to the BC health system and the Royal Jubilee Hospital. I can’t believe how well I was taken care of. I also want to say thanks for all the support I’ve gotten from my family, my co-workers, Swimming Canada, Island Swimming, Own the Podium and everyone associated. I feel really well supported and very lucky to have that network around me.

Between Facebook and Swimming Canada setting up this “Get Well Randy” email address for me and the level of support I’ve received is over the top. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the number of people that have reached out to me from all my last 50 years of life. It absolutely staggers me. Everybody knows how I am, always going a million miles forward, but it’s been good to go backwards a little bit. The number of smiles I got from names that have popped up of people from the past have done me a world of good. It’s really been a good retrospective to know how lucky I’ve been to live a great life, and I completely appreciate it.

I have one request. I want everybody to know that the Bennett family – Lesley, Brett, Kyle and Randy – are doing great. We’ve made a choice to accept the fact I have cancer and have a huge battle ahead of me. But I can choose to live with cancer or I can choose to die with cancer. It would completely devalue how I’ve lived my life if I rolled over and was not myself anymore. We’re very positive and we find sometimes that people want to be sad around us, which is not what we need right now.

We’re very aware of what we’re up against, but we want positive energy around us, so that is what we are asking for. I need you to bring as much of that positive energy as you can.

Thank you to everybody who has reached out, it has really helped me through tough times. When I go out on the pool deck, come and see me. I’m still me.