2017 Mel Zajac, Jr. International Invitational Meet Report

The 54th Annual Mel Zajac Jr. International Meet kicked off this past Friday in the newly minted UBC Aquatic Centre in Vancouver. Over the years, this meet has been a preparation meet for many top ranked international and national swimmers competing at major international meets. This year, The Canadian Senior and Junior teams were both present, in addition to the USA Junior team. Many SwimBC swimmers gearing up for World Championships, World Junior Championships and the Summer Universiade made their presence known on both the junior and senior teams. 

Kierra Smith (KWIC) was the lone individual SwimBC athlete to break a meet record. She touched the wall in the Women’s 200m breastroke in a 2:25.25, just under the previous record of 2:25.65 set back in 2009 by former world record holder and SwimBC swimmer Annamay Pierse. Smith was just a second off of her time from the Canadian Swimming Trials back in April, which has her seated 10th in the world in the event.

On the men’s side, Markus Thormeyer (UBCD/HPCVAN) and Yuri Kisil (UBCD/HPCVAN) helped the Canadian Senior team to a meet record in the 400m Medley Relay in a time of 3:39.85. This was almost a full second under the previous record of 3:40.84 set in 2009 by the UBCD team of Matt Hawes, Scott Dickens, Brian Johns, and Brent Hayden. Both Kisil and Thormeyer will be competing at the World Championships this summer. 

Highlights from the weekend included Mackenzie Padington’s (ISC) golden sweep of the middle distance/distance freestyle events. Padington won the 200, 400, and 800 meter freestyle events, in addition to a silver in the 400m IM and a bronze in the 100m freestyle. Padington will be representing Canada at the World Championships in Budapest this summer. 

Markus Thormeyer also had a similarly golden weekend on the men’s side. Thormeyer won the 100 meter backstroke, 200 meter backstroke, and 200 meter freestyle. He also picked up a silver in the 100 meter freestyle. His teammate, Yuri Kisil, won the 50 meter freestyle, and 100 meter freestyle. Kisil touched third in the 200 meter freestyle. 

All SwimBC medallists are listed below*:

  • Hilary Caldwell (ISC) Women’s 200m BK 1st 2:10.98
  • Jade Hannah (CAN-JR/ISC) Women’s 200m BK 3rd 2:14.31
  • Markus Thormeyer (CAN-SR/UBCD) Men’s 200m BK 1st 2:00.65
  • Kierra Smith (CAN-SR/UBCD) Women’s 100m BR 3rd 1:08.70
  • Jaren LeFranc (CAN-JR/KISU) Men’s 100m BR 2nd 1:03.66
  • Mackenzie Padington (ISC) Women’s 200m FR 1st 1:59.49
  • Markus Thormeyer (CAN-SR/UBCD) Men’s 200m FR 1st 1:50.18
  • Yuri Kisil (CAN-SR/UBCD) Men’s 200m FR 3rd 1:53.15
  • Sarah Darcel (ISC) Women’s 400m IM 1st 4:43.32
  • Mackenzie Padington (ISC) Women’s 400m IM 2nd 4:45.62
  • Jade Hannah (CAN-JR/ISC) Women’s 50m FL 1st 27.07
  • Hau Li Fan (UBCD) Men’s 800m FR 1st 8:15.16
  • Colin Gilbert (CAN-SR/KCS) Men’s 800m FR 2nd 8:17.41
  • Jon McKay (UVPCS) Men’s 800m FR 3rd 8:20.81
  • Brooke Lamoureux (ISC) Women’s 1500m FR 3rd 17:28.58
  • Kyla Leibel, Jessica Luo, Aleksa Gold, and Jessica Luo (CAN-JR) Women’s 400m FR Relay 2nd 3:50.44
  • Margaret MacNeil, Faith Knelson, Jade Hannah, and Victoria Kwan (CAN-JR) Women’s 400m FR Relay 3rd 3:51.60
  • Markus Thormeyer, Carson Olafson, Antoine Bernard-Lalonde, and Yuri Kisil (CAN-SR) Men’s 400m FR Relay 1st 3:23.96
  • Mackenzie Padington (ISC) Women’s 400m FR 1st 4:11.10
  • Ingrid Wilm (UBCD) Women’s 50m BK 2nd 28.75
  • Tim Zeng (CAN-SR/CHENA) Men’s 50m BK 1st 25.74
  • Sarah Darcel (ISC) Women’s 200m IM 1st 2:15.27
  • Hilary Caldwell (ISC) Women’s 200m IM 3rd 2:16.62
  • Josh Zakala (ISC) Men’s 200m IM 3rd 2:07.05
  • Yuri Kisil (CAN-SR/UBCD) Men’s 50m FR 1st 22.69
  • Kierra Smith (KWIC) Women’s 200m BR 1st 2:25.25
  • Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (GO/HPCVAN) Women’s 200m BR 2nd 2:31.59
  • Jaren LeFranc (CAN-JR) Men’s 200m BR 3rd 2:18.90
  • Kyla Leibel, Aleksa Gold, Isabel Sarty, and Jessica Luo (CAN-JR) Women’s 800m FR Relay 2nd 8:23.06
  • Victoria Kwan, Margaret MacNeil, Jade Hannah, and Faith Knelson (CAN-JR) Women’s 800m FR Relay 3rd 8:26.87
  • Carson Olafson, Markus Thormeyer, Yuri Kisil, and Colin Gilbert (CAN-SR) Men’s 800m FR Relay 1st 7:32.58
  • Hau-Li Fan, Stefan Milosevic, Araya Therrien, and Luke Reilly (UBCD) Men’s 800m FR Relay 3rd 7:48.92
  • Mackenzie Padington (ISC) Women’s 800m FR 1st 8:37.99
  • Faith Knelson (CAN-JR/ISC) Women’s 50m BR 2nd 32.06
  • Nicolaas Dekker (RAPID) Men’s 200m FL 3rd 2:03.26
  • Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (GO/HPCVAN) Women’s 100m FR 1st 56.06
  • Mackenzie Padington (ISC) Women’s 100m FR 3rd 56.54
  • Yuri Kisil (CAN-SR/UBCD) Men’s 100m FR 1st 49.35
  • Markus Thormeyer (CAN-SR/UBCD) Men’s 100m FR 2nd 50.60
  • Ingrid Wilm (UBCD/HPCVAN) Women’s 100m BK 3rd 1:02.11
  • Markus Thormeyer (CAN-SR/UBCD) Men’s 100m BK 1st 55.15
  • Robert Hill (CAN-SR/CHENA) Men’s 100m BK 2nd 56.34
  • Tim Zeng (CAN-SR/CHENA) Men’s 100m BK 3rd 56.37
  • Jon McKay (UVPCS) Men’s 1500m FR 1st 15.47.66
  • Josh Zakala (ISC) Men’s 1500m FR 2nd 15:50.45
  • Hau-Li Fan (UBCD) Men’s 1500m FR 3rd 15.53.47
  • Jade Hannah, Faith Knelson, Margaret MacNeil, and Victoria Kwan (CAN-JR) Women’s 400m Medley Relay 1st 4:10.45
  • Ingrid Wilm, Ellie Maradyn, Hoi Lam Tam, and Mackenzie Gunther (UBCD) Women’s 400m Medley Relay 3rd 4:20.42
  • Markus Thormeyer, Richard Funk, Josiah Binnema, and Yuri Kisil (CAN-SR) Men’s 400m Medley Relay 1st 3:39.85
  • Sebastian Somerset, Jaren LeFranc, Emil Goin, and Mehdi Ayoubi (CAN-JR) Men’s 400m Medley Relay 3rd 3:50.15

 *note: SwimBC athletes swimming for the Canadian Junior and Senior relay teams are in bold