Ph.D. Candidates Looking for Research Participants

If you've ever been in a research setting which relies on finding volunteer participants, you know just how challenging it can be to gather sufficient data to test and validate hypotheses, and share the findings with the scientific community, if not the general public.

We occasionally get requests from PhD candidates looking for participants in research studies, and so we thought we'd offer these.

For your consideration and possible participation, then:

1.  Carl Nienhuis
Carl is our "go-to" guy for sport psych at camps and has worked with and helped a number of athletes at Canada Games, Western Canada Games, as well as within the context of individual and club consultations.

His research examines the role that play has in developing connection, enjoyment and meaning.  Or, put another way, how play impacts one's appreciation, awareness and connection with others, and the development of one's life meaning. 

Background and details on Carl's study can be found at the link here, and there's a big link at the bottom of that page which will take you directly to the survey which forms the basis of his study. 

2. Caitlin Kruger (From recent CSCTA newsletter)
Coaches are invited to participate in a Mount Royal University research study:  Studying the Effects of the LTAD Model and Comparing it to Male, Female, and Age Group Training Volumes in Canadian Competitive Swimming. 

The study will be researched and written by CSCTA Member Caitlin Kruger. An interview will be conducted (preferably over the phone, but email is an option). The interview will follow a structured questionnaire that contains open-ended questions. Please review the study detail document below and contact Caitlin directly if you have any questions about the study and/or would like to participate.  The study will be conducted in English only.