Memo from our New Executive Director

Date:    April 24, 2018
To:       All Swimmers, Coaches, Officials, Club Volunteers, Board Members and Parents
From:  Ken Radford, Executive Director

After a quick first week with Swim BC, I wanted to reach out to you with an initial message.  First, I would like to acknowledge the Swim BC Board of Directors and thank them for entrusting me with the leadership of Swim BC.  Under the direction of President Linda Metcalfe, the Board conducted a professional, thorough, and rigorous hiring process.  The membership can be both proud and assured of the conduct of the Board, and secure in the knowledge that they clearly have worked to best-serve the interests of the membership. They executed their responsibilities in a professional manner and genuinely seem to enjoy the challenges of leading Swim BC.  Thanks to Linda, Liz Collins, Eric Gottardi, Pilar Catala, Joseph Lee, Mike Ball, and Larry Chrobot for a top notch hiring process.  

Secondly, I’d like to pass along my appreciation and thanks to the staff for maintaining Swim BC operations throughout this time of transition. It is never easy to bridge an organization and work through an interim phase.  Thank you to Mike Flegel, Carrie Matheson, Denise Roman and Chad Webb for their professional approach, for focusing on the task at hand, and for keeping the organization on track.

I would also like to thank our valued sponsors for their support of our swimmers, coaches and clubs.  Thanks to Greg Sanderson, Doug Perks, and the staff at Team Aquatic Supplies for their ongoing support; and to Speedo for their assistance. To all of our other commercial partners, I look forward to working with you.

Over the next weeks and months, it will be my primary role to review all areas of Swim BC’s operations.  The challenge will be to assess in a thorough manner, the current position of Swim BC, and gauge its opportunities for progress and growth. Of course, working in the present and addressing the business of the association on a day-to-day basis will be essential as well.  It will be a very busy and challenging time to be sure; however, I do want you all to know that I am truly excited about the prospects and future for Swim BC and am looking forward to progressing the association.  In the in next few weeks of transitioning into the job I will be in the Swim BC office as much as possible, balancing that with some telecommuting from my home in Victoria.  I wish to underscore however, that I will endeavour to establish and maintain an ‘open phone / open door’ policy.  It is my intent to reach out to as many of you as possible, whether it be the valued members of the BC Swim Coaches Association, club boards, officials, or swimmers - to hear your thoughts and gain perspective on how swimming in BC is doing.   In the meantime, should you feel you have essential comments or concerns, you are invited to contact me at either the phone number or email address listed at the end of this message.

Before I close, many of you may not be aware of my background so a quick note on that.  I have worked in swimming my entire career, both in coaching and in administrative capacities, previously at Swim BC, and the past several years with Swimming Canada. I am a native British Columbian, have a passion for the rich history of swimming in this province and am equally passionate to see Swim BC thrive.

Thank you again to the Board and membership for the opportunity. I look forward to seeing all of you on a pool deck shortly.

Ken Radford
Office: 604.898.9100 | email: