2018 Canadian Trials - Day 5 Recap and International Teams

BC swimmers closed out the 2018 Canadian Trials in style, with several more swimmers adding to their schedules at the Pan Pacific Championships in Tokyo next month. Events included the 50m FR para multi-class, 200m BR, Men’s 800m FR, and 400m FR para multi-class.


Arianna Hunsicker (S10SB10SM10) (SKSC), BC’s lone competitor in the 50m FR para multi-class, picked up her first medal of the weekend in the Women’s 50m FR. She had the fastest time in the final, with a time of 31.13, which landed her the bronze medal after the points calculation.


BC swimmers had a strong showing in the Women’s 200m BR. BC breastroking star Kierra Smith, who now trains with HPC-Ontario, placed second in the event in a time of 2:24.69. Faith Knelson (ISC) picked up the bronze in a 2:27.70 and her ISC teammate Sydney Pickrem (ISC) followed just 0.18 seconds behind in fourth place. Bailey Herbert (LOSC) was the final BC finisher in the event in a 2:29.47, which was good for sixth place. On the men’s side, Jaren LeFranc (KISU) glanced at the medals with a fourth place finish n a 2:15.85. Ben Blackmon (CHENA) finished in sixth in a 2:17.61.


BC men continued their strong distance swimming tradition. Jeremy Bagshaw (ISC) added another event to his schedule at the Pan Pacific Championships with a gold medal in the Men’s 800m FR in a time of 8:07.12. His ISC compatriot Josh Zakala (ISC) finished fourth in an 8:15.15. Ryley McRae (KCS) touched in an 8:17.31 for fifth place, followed by Raben Domain (CHENA) in seventh in an 8:21.65, Colin Gilbert (KCS) in eighth in an 8:22.77, and Brodie Young (HYACK) in tenth in an 8:27.94.


Hunsicker carried over her success to the Women’s 400m FR para multi-class. Her time of 5:27.11 landed her a fourth place finish following the points calculation. On the men’s side, Ian Goodyear (S9SB7SM9) (COMOX) finished fourth in a time of 5:02.16.


Congratulations to all swimmers and coaches on your hard work and achievements throughout the course of the weekend. Thank you to the officials, volunteers, sponsors, and support staff who helped the event run so smoothly. Best of luck to all swimmers swimming at further competitions in the summer!


BC's National team members have been listed below, as named by Swimming Canada. 

Pan Pacific Championships Team

Jeremy Bagshaw (ISC), coached by Ryan Mallette

Josiah Binnema (UBCSC), coached by Tom Johnson

Danielle Hanus (ISC), coached by Ryan Mallette

Yuri Kisil (UBCSC), coached by Tom Johnson

Emily Overholt (UBCSC), coached by Tom Johnson

Mackenzie Padington (CRKW), coached by Ryan Mallette

Sydney Pickrem (ISC), coached by Steve Bultman

Markus Thormeyer (UBCSC), coached by Tom Johnson


Pan Pacific Para Swimming Championships Team

Danielle Kisser (DELTA), coached by Mike Thompson


World Swimming Championships (25m) Team

Sarah Darcel (ISC), coached by Teri McKeever

Ingrid Wilm (UBCSC), coached by Tom Johnson

Josh Zakala (ISC), coached by Ryan Mallette