Swim BC Time Standards

Below is the link to the 2016-2017 Swim BC Time Standards. These standards were developed by a sub-committee of Swim BC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which was composed of four coaches who sit on TAC along with Swim BC’s Program Director and Performance Director.

In setting these standards, we sought to achieve three objectives:

  1. Achieve a closer balance in the sizes of AAA and AA Championships
  2. Create a more meaningful competition for those who attend either meet
  3. Help ensure that these meets can be run in an effective and efficient manner

 To effect that change, the sub-committee arrived at the following to create the standards, as well as their implementation at AA and AAA Championships:

  1. Instead of utilizing the 24th place SCM age-group ranking to blend into past standards to set the AAA time, we integrated the 24th place LCM time.  This resulted in the AAA times getting significantly faster
  2. In keeping with guidance from Swimming Canada, stroke 50’s will not be offered at either the AAA or AA Championships meets.
  3. Swimmers will be need to have 3 qualifying standards to compete at the AAA Championships and two qualifying standards for the AA Championships.
  4. Both SCM & LCM AAA Championship Meets will be 18 & Under.
  5. Para-swimming events will be offered at the Swim BC Open (LCM) in March, as well as Summer AAA Championships; the para swimming events will be an open age category (no upper age limit).

Swimming Canada 2016-2017 Time Standards

 The complete list of standards is linked below.