Swim BC Time Standards

Below is the link to the 2017-2018 Swim BC Time Standards. These standards were developed by a sub-committee of Swim BC’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which was composed of four coaches who sit on TAC along with Swim BC’s Program Director and Performance Director.

Senior Open: A 3-year average of the Top 60 overall swimmers was to create the standards with some adjustments made once we applied them to the 2016-2017 season's results.  the Top 60 ranked time have us close to our target number of swimmers attending the meet who have 3 standards; as the thought process was if a swimmer had at least 3 times they would most likely attend this meet.

Tier II: Using this same principles as the Senior Open times, we started with a 3-year average of the Top 60 (16-18B and 15-18G) times, Top 40 ranked time for 14G ad 15B and then Top 40 ranked time for 13G and 14B.  the issue that arose was the 13G and 14B times were significantly faster than then 14G and 15B.  So instead we decided to create a 14&UG and 15&UB standards by using the Top 50th ranked swim of the past 3 seasons and then with minor adjustments to some of the events to help bring us in range of the target number of swimmers to attend the meet.  Again, we tried to create standards that would have the most swimmers who had at least 3 standards; as we felt they would most likely travel to the meet if they had at least 3 standards.

Tier I: For this group of standards, we started with the Top 50 ranked swims for every events except for 200 IM.  Given that 200 IM will be required in order to qualify for the meet, that standard was created using roughly the 75th ranked swim - in order to arrive at the targeted number of swimmers with both a 200 IM standard and another event.

* Para-swimming events will be offered at both the Swim BC Open Meets; the para swimming events will be an open age category (no upper age limit).

Swimming Canada 2017-2018 Time Standards

 The complete list of standards is linked below.