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Six Keys to Gold Medal Governance

September 30, 2020

Linked below is an excellent article from SIRC written by Rose Mercier about the importance of boards in sport and 6 key tenants on creating stable effective governance. Below is an expert from the article and a link to read it on

From SIRC:

“Unlike the young athlete who dreams of becoming a champion, few of us grow up dreaming about joining a board of directors. Many people join a board out of a sense of duty to an organization with which they have been involved, or because they thought it time for new leadership, or were recruited for a specific professional skillset.

No matter the path taken to becoming a member of a board, it is important to realize that when you sit down at the board table or log into the board’s Zoom meeting, the board’s role is to govern the whole of the organization and this role has serious implications. Today, boards are governing in an increasingly complex sport system and facing big issues – safe sport, inclusion and diversity, and return to play in the context of COVID-19 and the associated financial and organizational fallout. Boards need to ensure they are ready govern effectively – to direct and protect their organizations in navigating these uncharted and turbulent waters. The bottom line: any board of which you are a member is 100% accountable for 100% of what happens in that organization. It would seem essential then that the board is very clear about what the job of governing involves.”  READ MORE



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