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Swim BC supports the continued development of our coaches through NCCP training, resources, and the following initiatives:

  • Team BC Camps
  • Coach Mentorship Program
  • Deep Dive Coaching Program
  • Women in Coaching Programs
  • Master’s in High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership (External)


Provincial Team Camps

Participating at a Swim BC provincial swim camp as a coach provides an excellent opportunity for coaches to spend time with other coaches, learn more about the provincial program, support the next generation of swimmer, and contribute to our swimming community. All coaches at Swim BC camps must be fully registered and abide by all Swim BC policies.

Lead Coach

Lead coaches must have completed their Provincial Team BC Pre-requisites. Priority will be given to coaches who have swimmers participating in the camp. Lead coaches will work with the Technical Director on the design and delivery of each of the water sessions. Swim BC will be providing Staff Coaches with transportation, accommodation, meals, and a stipend.

Assistant Coach

Assistant coaches will support the lead coaches in the delivery of the swim camp. Swim BC will be providing assistant coaches with transportation, accommodation, and meals.

Guest Coach

Guest coaches will support the lead coaches in the delivery of the swim camp. It is recommended that Guest coaches fully participate in the camp, will be required to sign up, and will be required to conduct themselves in the same manner as Lead and Assistant coaches. Swim BC will not be providing any financial support for Guest Coaches.


Coach Mentorship Program

Swim BC is providing three Coach Mentorship Grants of up to $ 2,200 to support visitation with a mentor coach / program of your choice.

Why mentorship? Spending time on deck with another coach can provide you with a new perspective, teach you new things, and provide a networking opportunity.

Applicants will be required to state why they would like the opportunity, where they will go, and what they hope to learn. Priority will be given to coaches registered in an A, then B registration category.


Deep Dive Coaching Program

Coaches who are working with age group swimmers and who are interested in working with other coaches to challenge their thinking in developing expertise the selected topic. The candidates will collaborate in both the choosing of the topic and in the direction of their study.

The benefits of this program are for the candidate and the community. Successful applicants will develop a network of other coaches within their cohort and will gain expertise in the area of study. The community will benefit from the expertise within the community. Additionally, the cohort will be developing a module for the Swim BC Learning & Development Hub. This season’s program will run through 2023. The cohort will determine the frequency and duration of the meetings and the depth of work involved.


This program will be gender-balanced. Coaches who have been selected to the Swimming Canada Advance or Select Coaches groups will not be eligible for this program.

Women in Coaching

While the majority of coaches in BC are women, females are underrepresented as full-time coaches. Supporting women in coaching initiatives can help promote diversity, equality, and inclusivity in the coaching profession, and can have numerous benefits for individuals and teams. 

Women in Coaching Network Meetings

Approximately one in four BC clubs are head coached by a female coach. Swim BC hosts a monthly networking virtual meeting that is open to all fully registered of female head coaches in the province. These meetings help the women connect and discuss topics related to their continued development and the development of other women in coaching. 

Women in Coaching Mentorship

Mentors and mentees have been paired to provide role modelling, develop skills, and learn from the mentors past experiences. 

Master’s in High Performance Coaching & Technical Leadership

The UBC Master of High-Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership (MHPCTL) is a three-year, 30-credit specialized program for experienced sport coaches and technical leaders who are looking to advance their careers. The program is composed of a one-year graduate certificate (HPCTL), followed by two years of graduate course work for the Master’s degree (MHPCTL).

Endorsed by the Coaching Association of Canada, the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and other national sport organizations, UBC offers an international quality program that provides a strong foundation for present and future coaches and technical leaders by developing knowledge and skills in the interpretation and use of research, balanced with applied coaching practice. The development of skills in analysis and evidence-based decision-making has been identified as a critical need by national coaches and technical leaders, and this program will help develop the next generation of coaches and technical leaders for Canada and across the globe. Our online teaching methods will facilitate the participation of candidates from across Canada and around the world. The program will be integrated into the sport federations’ national coaching qualifications, providing the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) together with academic credentials.

More Information

Applications are open February through April each year.

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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