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2020-2021 Club Grant Program

Given last season’s competitive calendar was cut short, we have made a number of one-time changes to the program. This year’s grant allocations are based on the following distributions, taking into consideration Club Grant eligible performances from 2018-19 and 2019-20. 

  • 40% ($ 42,000) – based on 2019-20 Grant
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based on 2019-20 BC ID Teams
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based on 2020 Winter BC Provincial Championships
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based 2019-20 International Competitions (Euro 2020 Meet)
  • 15% ($ 15,750) – based on 2019-20 National and Provincial Records

Total Club Grant funds for 2020-21 – $105,000

Club Grant funds are not allocated to a specific individual. They are intended to support clubs in continued development toward competitive performance outcomes. Please refer to the Swim BC Club Grant Information document for further details. The list of Club Grant recipients can be found here. 

The opportunity to use eligible expenses for COVID stimulated costs (ie/ pool time and coaching salaries) as was permitted after March of last year, will be assessed regularly by Swim BC. Should the opportunity to utilize Club Grant funds for “COVID related expenses” occur, this will be communicated clearly to all programs. Please note that for now, only eligible expenses as per the Club Grant program are acceptable.

Athlete Development

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is an approach to athletic advancement that prioritizes optimal skill development, training, competition, and recovery throughout an athlete’s career, not just during the peak of her competitive period. LTAD puts particular focus on the important growth and development years of an athlete’s career, ensuring that swimmers are able to compete and enjoy swimming throughout their lives while achieving at their highest level.

There are five reasons to embrace an LTAD model:

  • To establish a clear swimmer development path
  • To identify gaps in the current swimmer development path
  • To realign and integrate programs for developing swimmers and swimming in British Columbia
  • To provide a planning tool, based on scientific research, for coaches, parents, and administrators
  • To guide planning for optimal performance

The principles of LTAD will be used to review existing swimming initiatives led by Swim BC and Swimming/Natation Canada, and inform any future initiatives. We hope that all swimming providers will use LTAD in a similar way, which will enable the swimming community to come together to achieve our provincial and national goals.

For more information on LTAD, please review the Canadian Sport For Life Parents’ Guide and the Swimming Canada Long-Term Athlete Development Strategy

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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