Swim BC Staff

Our staff are happy to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. Please review their individual responsibilities to determine who is best able to help you. Not sure who to talk to? You can also contact our office

Ken Radford

Executive Director

    • Reports to the Board of Directors via the President
    • Chief spokesperson for the organization
    • Responsible for the management of all business and affairs of Swim BC
    • Develops and advises the Board on Swim BC policy, ensures the policies and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried out
    • Oversees all program planning, design, development, and delivery
    • Responsible for all human resource management and supervision of Swim BC
    • Designated liaison with the Provincial Government, viaSport, Swimming Canada, and other sport governing bodies
    • Responsible for annual government reporting, evaluation, and grant application
    • Assists and advises recreation community in development of swimming facilities
    • Club consultant for governance, policy development, parliamentary processes, employer responsibilities and coach retention
    • Responsible for communications, culture, and relationships of the organization

Cory Beatt

Technical Director

    • Lead Technical employee of Swim BC
    • Responsible for the development and direction of Swim BC technical strategy and programming
    • CSI-Pacific /viaSport Enhanced Excellence Program lead
    • Responsible for the development and application of athlete ID tracking and reporting programs
    • Analytics processing – performance rankings and results
    • Technical report development, club, and coach technical communications
    • Technical committee(s) leadership
    • Provincial competition strategy, provincial standards development, and championship technical conduct
    • Coaching professional development and mentorship lead
    • Technical lead for all selects teams and tours

Carrie Matheson

Senior Manager, Technical Operations

    • Swim BC designated competition host support, administration, management, technical information development, and rules interpretation
    • Para-swimming oversight and management
    • Officiating management (development, training, and registration) and committee chair
    • NCCP management (promotion, certification inquiries, NCCP certification compliance)
    • Competition and Time Trial sanctioning
    • Awards program management, criteria review, communications, and promotion
    • BC Games, Canada Games, BC Senior Games liaison
    • iSPARC liaison
    • Team BC Team Manager recruitment, training, and development
    • Community Gaming Grant management

Rikki Nevins

Senior Manager, Performance Development

    • • Swim BC select teams and camp safe sport management
    • • Provincial designated meets operational support – awards, scoring, media
    • • Technical program data and analytics development and management including competition, selection, club dashboard.
    • • Skill module content coordination and management
    • • Technical communications (website, social media, bulletins)
    • • Competition and camp planning, coordination, and execution
    • BC games coordinator / BC Sr games coordinator

Club Services Manager

Administration Coordinator

Chad Webb

NCCP Coordinator

    • Schedules, organizes, and delivers all Swim BC NCCP courses
    • Facilitates or ensures facilitation of Community Coach, Swimming 101, Swimming 201, and Swimming 301 courses
    • Represents Swim BC to the Swimming Canada NCCP planning committees
    • Manages NCCP communication with membership

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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