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2024 Summer BC Provincial Championship

July 12, 2024
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Good luck to all the athletes competing at at the 2024 Summer BC Provincial Championship meet on July 11-14, 2024.

Thank you to all officials and volunteers who have signed up to support this competition.

Thank you to Kamloops Classic Swimming for hosting.

For more information please "Read More"

2024 Swim BC Summer Divisionals Information

June 19, 2024
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Good luck to all of the athletes competing in the Swim BC 2024 Summer Divisionals.  Thank you to all of the officials and volunteers who have signed up to support these competitions, they could not happen without you!  For specific meet information see below:

Summer Divisionals – Island & Coastal Vancouver June 28-30 RAPIDS (Richmond) Click Here
Summer Divisionals – North & Interior June 21-23 VKSC (Vernon) Click Here
Summer Divisionals – Fraser & Vancouver June 28-30 SPART (Chilliwack) Click Here

Swim BC Announces Open Water Championships Cancellation 

June 13, 2024
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With an abundance of caution, the Organizing Committee and Swim BC staff have decided to cancel the BC Open Water Championships. Originally scheduled for Friday, June 14th, the unseasonably cold spring has led to water temperatures falling below the thresholds set by Swimming Canada and World Aquatics rules. 

The Competition Managers have been closely monitoring the temperature of the Sasamat Lake competition course. The temperature has consistently hovered between 15 to 16°C, which is below even the wetsuit threshold rules. Furthermore, the current weather forecast predicts overnight lows of 3°C and a high of 11°C on race day, with rain. These conditions have made it clear that canceling the event is the safest decision. 

Swim BC prioritizes the well-being and safety of all participants. Although this cancellation is extremely inconvenient for participants, officials, and support personnel, we cannot ensure the safe delivery of the event under these conditions. We are deeply grateful for the efforts and leadership of the SFA organizing committee, particularly Paul and Miranda McNamara, and Open Water officiating expert Mike Stamhuis. 

All entry fees will be refunded. We will contact all payees with refund information next week. 

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials Wrap-up

May 27, 2024
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Olympic and Paralympic Wrap Up

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials – Day 7

May 20, 2024
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The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials, Presented by Bell, at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre has concluded with outstanding performances across the 7-day competition.

Swim BC swimmers finished the competition with a Canadian record and two age group Provincial records.

A Finals

Men’s Para 50 Free      GOLD                    Sebastian Massabie, PSW (38.08)

Men’s Para 50 Free      4th                              Fernando Lu, LOSC (25.05)

Women’s 50 Free          7th                              Leliani Fack, LOSC (25.55)    

Men’s 100 Fly                    7th                              Raben Dommann, HPC VAN (53.49)

Men’s 100 Fly                    9th                              Bill Dongfang, ISC (53.78)

Women’s 200 IM            6th                              Danielle Hanus, RAPID / HPC VAN (2:13.61)

Men’s Para 200 Free   SILVER                  Sebastian Massabie, PSW (3:07.00)

Junior Finals

Women’s 50 Free          2nd                             Kelly Choi, KAJ (25.86)

Men’s 100 Fly                    5th                              Tristan Govier, HST (55.45)

Men’s 100 Fly                    9th                              Tuja Dreyer, ISC (55.85)

Women’s 200 IM            7th                              Ashley Ko, LOSC (2:19.70)

Men’s 1500 Free            1st                              Aiden Kirk, KAJ (15:47.55)

Men’s 1500 Free            3rd                              Zach McLeod, WDSC (15:59.06)

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials – Day 6

May 19, 2024
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It was a memorable night for BC-based swimmers on day 6 of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials, presented by Bell.

A Finals

Women’s 200 Fly           10th         Leilani Fack, LOSC (2:16.39)

Men’s 200 IM                     4th            Collyn Gagne, LOSC (2:01.96)

Men’s 200 IM                     7th            Marcus Mak, ISC (2:03.68)

Men’s 200 IM                     9th            Justice Migneault, HPC VAN (2:04.75)

Men’s 200 IM                     10th         Raben Dommann, HPC VAN (2:06.65)

Women’s 800 Free       GOLD  Julia Strojnowska, LOSC (8:38.36)

Junior Finals

Women’s 200 Fly           1st            Lily Zeng, VPSC (2:17.43)

Women’s 200 Fly           2nd           Taryn Weatherhead, KISU (2:17.93)

Men’s 200 IM                     1st            Tuja Dreyer, ISC (2:05.28)

Men’s 200 IM                     6th            David Maibaum, RAPID (2:08.36)

Men’s 200 IM                     7th            Justin Jung, LOSC (2:08.50)

Men’s 200 IM                     8th            Aiden Kirk, KAJ (2:09.19)

Women’s 800 Free       1st          Naomi Mynott, WDSC (9:02.31)

Women’s 800 Free       4th                       Maria Saldana Riebeling, CDSC (9:11.35)

Women’s 800 Free       7th            Calli Saunders, SPART (9:18.07)

Women’s 800 Free       9th            Kailyn Firth, PSW (9:24.81)

Women’s 800 Free       10th         Hannah Rutten, KISU (9:23.75)

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials – Day 5

May 18, 2024
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The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials, Presented by Bell, at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre continued on Friday, May 17th as the meet entered day 5 of 7 days. The meet continues to add new records to the books and additional Olympic and Paralympic qualifiers.

The day included new Canadian Records by Sebastian Massibie in the S4 50 Back and Shima Taghavi in the 11 - 12 Girls 200 Breast.

A Finals
Men’s Para 50 Back    Gold        Sebastian Massabie, PSW (55.32)
Women’s 100 Free      8th          Danielle Hanus, RAPID/HPC VAN (55.44)
Men’s 200 Back           SILVER  Hugh McNeill, UBCT/LOSC (1:58.49)
Men’s 200 Back           5th          Raben Dommann, HPC VAN (2:00.02)
Men’s 200 Back           9th          Thomas Caruso, SPART/SFU (2:04.21)
Women’s 200 Breast   9th          Shima Taghavi, HYACK (2:32.60)
Men’s 200 Fly              8th          Bill Dongfang, ISC (2:00.60)
Men’s Para 200 IM      4th          Fernando Lu, LOSC (2:20.30)

Junior Finals
Women’s 100 Free      6th          Leilani Fack, LOSC (56.35)
Men’s 200 Back           7th          Paul Orogo, LOSC (2:05.85)
Men’s 200 Back           8th          David Maibaum, RAPID (2:07.19)
Women’s 200 Breast   2nd        Danielle Barberie, NRST (2:33.58)
Women’s 200 Breast    6th        Macey Larson, LOSC (2:37.47)
Men’s 200 Fly               1st         Aiden Kirk, KAJ (2:02.61)
Men’s 200 Fly               2nd        Tristan Govier, HST (2:03.33)
Men’s 200 Fly               4th         Zachary McLeod, WDSC (2:04.27)
Men’s 200 Fly               7th         Jihoon Bae, LOSC (2:06.25)

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials – Day 4

May 17, 2024
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The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials, Presented by Bell continued on Thursday, day four of the 7-day competition. 

A Finals

Women’s 200 Back        4th        Bridget Burton, UBCT/ISC (2:12.14)

Men’s Para 100 Free      Gold     Sebastian Massabie, PSW (1:25.07)

Men’s Para 100 Free      5th        Fernando Lu, LOSC (56.77)

Men’s 800 Free             3rd        Aiden Kirk, KAJ (8:11.93)

Junior Finals

Women’s 400 IM           1st         Naomi Mynott, WDSC (4:56.39)

Women’s 400 IM           2nd        Ashley Ko, LOSC (4:57.61)

Women’s 400 IM           6th        Ziyuh Liu, CDSC (5:04.61)

Men’s 100 Free             10th      River He, RAPID (52.62)

Women’s 200 Back        6th        Calli Saunders, SPART (2:18.72)

Men’s 800 Free             4th        Zachary McLeod, WDSC (3:22.93)

Men’s 800 Free             9th        Danny Park, LOSC (8:40.39)

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials – Day 3

May 15, 2024
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Day 3 of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials, Presented by Bell, at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

A Finals

Men’s 200 Free             4th                    Jeremy Bagshaw, ISC (1:48.49)

Women’s 100 Back        7th                    Danialle Hanus, RAPID/HPC VAN (1:01.20)

Men’s 200 Breast          Bronze              Justice Migneault, HPC VAN (2:13.52)

Men’s 200 Breast          6th                    Justin Jung, LOSC (2:17.82)

Men’s Para 150 IM        Gold                 Sebastian Massabie SM4, PSW (3:00.75)


Junior Finals

Men’s 200 Free             6th                    Aiden Kirk, KAJ (1:53.75)

Women’s 100 Back        7th                    Natascha Borromeo, WVOSC (1:03.89)

Women’s 100 Back        9th                    Calli Saunders, SPART (1:04.09)

Men’s 200 Breast          5th                    Kia Namba, ISC (2:23.41)

Men’s 200 Breast          6th                    Evan Vellescig, HYACK (2:24.12)

1500 Free Timed Finals

Senior Top 10

Women’s 1500 Free      Silver                Julia Strojnowski, LOSC (16:42.99)

Women’s 1500 Free      9th                    Michelle Zeng, WVOSC (17:26.37)

Junior Top 10

Women’s 1500 Free      Gold                 Julia Strojnowski, LOSC (16:42.99)

Women’s 1500 Free      6th                    Michelle Zeng, WVOSC (17:26.37)

Women’s 1500 Free      9th                    Naomi Mynott, WDSC (17:29.04)

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials – Day 2

May 15, 2024
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The second day of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials, Presented by Bell at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre did not disappoint.

A Finals

Men’s 400 IM                Bronze  Collyn Gagne, LOSC (4:11.69)

Women’s 200 Free        4th        Emma O’Croionin, HPC VAN (1:57.86)

Men’s 100 Back             4th        Raben Dommann, HPC VAN (54.06)

Men’s Para 100 Breast   Bronze  Fernando Lu, LOSC (1:12.87)

Junior Finals

Men’s 400 IM                3rd        Tuja Dreyer, ISC (4:26.50)

Men’s 400 IM                4th        Aiden Kirk, KAJ (4:32.62)

Men’s 400 IM                10th      Zachary McLeod, WDSC (4:41.32)

Women’s 200 Free        7th        Leilani Fack, LOSC (2:03.20)

Men’s 100 Back             2nd        Paul Orogo, LOSC (57.12)

Men’s 100 Back             4th        Tristan Govier, HST (58.58)

Women’s 100 Breast     3rd        Shima Taghavi, HYACK (1:10.78) - New Canadian Record

Olympic and Paralympic Trials – Day 1

May 14, 2024
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The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials, Presented by Bell, commenced on May 13th at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre. Multiple Swim BC athletes delivered standout performances on the opening day of competition.

Congratulations Swim BC swimmers:

A Finals

Men’s 400 Free                Bronze                  Jeremy Bagshaw, ISC (3:52.87)

Women’s 400 Free       Bronze                   Julia Strojnowska, LOSC (4:11.08)

Men’s Para 50 Fly          Silver                      Sebatian Massibie S5, PSW (39.68)

Men’s Para 100 Fly       Silver                      Fernando Lu S10, LOSC (59.35)

Women’s 100 Fly           4th                         Danielle Hanus, RAPID/HPCVN (58.87)

Women’s 100 Fly           6th                         Leilani Fack, LOSC (59.44)

Men’s 100 Breast          6th                         Justice Migneault, HPCVN (1:01.75)

Junior Finals

Men’s 400 Free             Bronze                  Aiden Kirk, KAJ (3:58.18)

Women’s 400 Free       Bronze                   Ashley Ko, LOSC (4:20.97)

Women’s 400 Free        7th                         Michelle Zeng, WVOSC (4:26.99)

Women’s 400 Free        9th                         Maria Saldana Riebeling, CDSC (4:28.58)

Women’s 100 Fly           9th                         Paige Korbely, HYACK (1:02)

Men’s 100 Breast          7th                         Justin Jung, LOSC (1:05.29)

Men’s 100 Breast          9th                         Ivan Sun, VPSC (1:05.90)

Good Luck to Swim BC Swimmers!

May 10, 2024
Competition | Featured

Swim BC is immensely proud to rally behind the 143 swimmers representing 27 clubs from across BC and the Yukon, as they gear up for the highly anticipated 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Trials in Toronto, ON, from May 13th to 19th. These Trials serve as a testament to the dedication, talent, and hard work of our athletes, reflecting the depth of excellence within BC's swimming community.

Swim BC sends our sincerest best wishes to each competitor, coach and official, recognizing that they bear the pride of their clubs, communities, and province as they step onto the national stage to showcase their skills at this competition.

Top BC Swimmers to watch:

           Hugh McNeill (UBCT) 200 Back
           Emma O’Croinin (HPCVN) 200 Free
           Collyn Gagne (LOSC) 400 IM & 200 IM
           Jeremy Bagshaw (ISC) 400 Free 
           Danielle Hanus (RAPID) 100 Back
           Sebastian Massibie (PSW) World Record Holder S4 50 Fly

Latest Bulletins

May 1, 2024
Coaching | Competition | General Resources | News

Collection of the latest Membership & Coach Bulletins.

World Record: Sebastian Massabie

April 12, 2024

Sebastian Massabie from the Pacific Sea Wolves broke the World Para Swimming World Record today in the S4 50m Butterfly while competing at the 2024 Citi Para Swimming World Series USA in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Women’s Prospects Camp Recap

April 11, 2024

Our recent Prospects Women's Camp held in Victoria, BC, brought together 29 of the top athletes from 12 clubs across the province for a weekend of training and learning. The camp aimed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment while fostering collaboration among swimmers and coaches from diverse backgrounds.


April 8, 2024

The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Trials have changed locations from Montreal to Toronto. The competition will run in the same format and dates as originally planned.

LOSC Wins 2024 Speedo Western Championships

March 28, 2024

Some of the finest young Canadian swimmers took to the Pan Am Pool in Winnipeg March 21 – 24. When the dust settled, LOSC claimed number one status.

“They all work very hard and it’s nice to see their performance come through and come together as a team to win this; it was really fun,” said LOSC head coach Ryan Skomorowski. “We’ve got to get working really hard now and really focus on grinding it out and getting ready for (Olympic & Paralympic) trials (May 13-19 in Montreal).”

LOSC was ably represented by several swimmers, including Julia Strojnowska, Leilani Fack and Ashley Ko. The trio competed in all three women’s relays, winning a pair of golds and a silver. They also, as individuals, copped their fair share of hardware.

“It’s extra special (winning as a team) because we get to see all the work we’ve done together and when you win it feels really good to be there together,” said Strojnowska, who won a gold, silver and bronze on her own. She tied with Rebecca Smith of Cascade for the top performer in the women’s open category.

Being successful as a team is something that Fack says is extra important to her and her mates.

“It definitely is,” she insisted, “because when we train together we see how hard each of us works and to see that pay off, it’s just heart-warming in a different way.”

There were a number of standout performances on the weekend, including that of Aiden Kirk of the Kelowna AquaJets, tops in the junior boys division. The 16-year-old was a gold medalist in the 14-16 age group 1500m free, the 100m free, the 400m IM, as well as the 400m free, in which he went under four minutes for the first time.

“I felt pretty good about that,” Kirk said of that swim. “I honestly didn’t think I was going to go that fast so it’s kind of a shock … and it’s just super exciting to have done that time; I’m super pumped about it.”

He was also thrilled, understandably, with his overall medal haul.

A total of 452 athletes from 67 clubs competed in the four-day meet. The top scoring BC clubs were:

LOSC 1st

KAJ 3rd

WDSC 5th

CDSC 7th

ISC 9th

A total of 22 BC clubs participated in the competition

2024 Winter Provincials

March 2, 2024
Competition | Featured

Get ready for an exhilarating event as Pacific Coast Swimming gears up to host the Provincial Championships from March 7th to the 10th! With an impressive lineup of 630 swimmers from 38 different clubs, this promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent and determination. Join us for four days of intense competition and unforgettable moments in the pool.

2024 Divisionals and Provincials to be Live-Streamed

February 20, 2024

2024 Divisionals and Provincial Swim Meets to be live-streamed

Swim BC Performance Report

January 24, 2024

We are excited to announce the release of the first edition of our tri-annual Performance Report for the 2023-24 season, covering the period from September 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023. This report is a comprehensive overview of the achievements and progress within our swimming community, offering valuable insights into the performances of our athletes at both provincial and national levels.

This inaugural edition highlights key areas such as SCM Top Times, the 10 & Under Pentathlon, and Making Waves, which recognizes remarkable accomplishments of our swimmers. It's designed not only to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our athletes but also to serve as a tool for continuous development and inspiration for our coaches and swimmers.

Tremblay named as Swimming Canada’s 2023 Junior Coach of the Year

January 22, 2024
Coaching | News

Marc Tremblay, head coach of the Kelowna Aquajets, is Swimming Canada’s 2023 junior coach of the year!

Tremblay’s coaching resume includes time on the pool deck with the Vernon Kokanees, Edmonton Keyano and the University of Alberta varsity squads. From 2011-21, he was in charge of Calgary’s Cascade Swim Club age group program and is now calling BC home as he enters in his third season with the Kelowna Aquajets.

Over his almost 40 year tenure Tremblay has coached many provincial, national and international swimmers including being named to the coaching staffcoaching staff at both the 1997 and 2002 Pan Pacific Championships.

Swim BC Job Posting- Performance Development Manager

January 18, 2024

Swim BC is seeking a new member of our team for the role of Performance Development Manager. 

The Performance Development Manager will work in conjunction with the Technical Director to manage technical operations, event coordination, and program financials, ensuring the effective execution of program objectives. This individual must be adept in data analytics, possess strong communication skills, and have the ability to address challenges proactively. Adaptability and a hands-on approach to operational tasks are crucial for this multifunctional role.


January 10, 2024
News | Records

Congratulations to HYACK's Shima Taghavi on breaking the National Age Group Record for the women's SCM 200 Breast in a time of 2:29.69!  Shima broke the record previously held by Courtenay Chuy which had been on the record books since 1998.  In addition to her National Record, Shima also broke the BC Provincial Record in her 100 Breast with a time of 1:11.39.  Congratulations Shima!

Administrative Coordinator Position

December 11, 2023

Swim BC has an opportunity for a highly motivated and skilled individual to join our team in the position of Administration Coordinator.  The responsibilities of the position focus on the provision of support to Swim BC operations, administering the membership registration processes, expediting financial procedures, facilitating member communications, and coordinating the effective and efficient administration of the organization.  The role is suited for a team player with personal competencies in relationship building.

2023 Ken Demchuk International Invitational

December 5, 2023

Sebastian Massabie of the Pacific Sea Wolves had an outstanding showing at the 2023 Ken Demchuk International Invitational. Massabie broke five Canadian Records!

Congratulations to BC’s Fernando Lu!

November 28, 2023

Congratulations to BC’s Fernando Lu of the Langley Olympians on his performances at the Parapan American Games in Santiago, Chile.


November 7, 2023

Through early 2023 the Board of Directors of Swim BC has worked diligently with staff and the Sport Law consultant group to develop and approve the new Swim BC Strategic Plan. Announced and introduced at the 2023 BC Swimming Congress, we’re pleased to present to our membership the document that will support the direction of Swim BC through 2028.


October 25, 2023

The 2023 Pan American Games are currently underway in Santiago, Chile, and are scheduled to take place from October 21 to October 25, 2023. These quadrennial multi-sport games have been a significant sporting event since their inception in 1951, bringing together athletes from 40 nations across the Americas.

2023 Premier’s Awards for Indigenous Youth Excellence in Sport – Regional Nominations

October 24, 2023
General Resources

Do you know an outstanding Indigenous athlete to nominate?

Call for regional nominations – 2023 Premier’s Awards for Indigenous Youth Excellence in Sport 

The deadline to submit nominations is extended to Friday, November 24, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. (PST).

2023-24 SWIM-A-THON

October 13, 2023

The 2023-24 Swim-a-thon Registration is now open!

Swim-a-thon events can be hosted anytime between now and August 31st, 2024. Swim-a-Thon is an in-pool fundraiser where swimmers earn pledges to swim a set number of lengths or participate in a fun and challenging swimming event. Each club can personalize its Swim-a-Thon event to match its club and swimmer needs. All donations are collected online through a personalized website created by Swimming Canada, and 90% of the funds earned are distributed back to the clubs. The campaign is a great fundraising opportunity for all clubs.

Swim BC invites you to be part of the conversation.

The Swim BC office is located on the unceded territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən speaking people known today as the Songhees, the SXIMELEL (Esquimalt) and the WSÁNEĆ First Nations.

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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Victoria, BC V8X 5J2



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