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Introducing The Swim BC Officially Unofficial Rankings

November 26, 2020

The O.U. Rankings

This program is intended to be an opportunity for all clubs in BC to share performances, whether they be from a sanctioned time trial, a race rehearsal in workout, a get-out swim or one a last rep in a descending set.  Coaches are encouraged to submit any times; Swim BC will rank and publish daily (or as best we can, pending a high volume of submissions)

When: November 30 – December 22, 2020 // January 4 – 31, 2021 (collect and submit times over Christmas break, we’ll rank them when staff return from holidays)

Where: Club training session or scheduled time trial

Who: All Swim BC Swimmers registered in the Competitive Category

Why: We know training through COVID is becoming a challenge for all.  With no specific and immediate competitive goal on the horizon we’ve created an opportunity to get a relatively quick sense as to where swimmers stand.  In discussion with several coaches, we thought it would be a positive step to bring the province together, create an opportunity to see what your competitors are doing and how you compare

Events: All Olympic, Paralympic and World Championship events

Age Groups: 12 & Under; 13 – 14; 15 & Over

The Details:

Swim BC will be collecting and publishing results from time trial or coach timed swims though December and January. The opportunity is simply to provide an outlet for racing and inspire your swimmer’s competitive spirit.

  • Swimmers must be fully registered in the appropriate “Competitive” category.
  • We’ll accept times from a sanctioned Time Trial, unsanctioned Time Trial, or any other swim deemed fair by the coach. It goes without saying that honesty will be the best policy when submitting times – the only way this program works if an ‘honest watch’ is used!
  • We’ll start with SCM rankings – we’ll consider LCM if we get enough submissions.
  • Results will be compiled and updated daily (or as quickly as possible) on the Swim BC Website.
  • Results will be ranked by Age Group, Gender, and Time.

Coaches submit swimmer’s times to Cory Beatt via the O.U. Rankings Submission Spreadsheet. Please indicated the following information:

  • Name (if Para – classification)
  • Age (at the time of the performance)
  • Club
  • Event
  • Course – SCM (we’ll do LCM if there’s enough demand)
  • Time (mm:ss.00)
  • Type of Start – please correct the time if alternate starts are used (we recognize not everyone has access to an idea racing environment)
    • Blocks start – no time correction
    • No blocks / start from deck – .5 sec correction (time – .5 sec = submitted time)
    • Push start – 1.5 sec correction (time – 1.5 sec = submitted time)

Be Safe – Have Fun – Swim Fast 

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