Swim BC Annual General Meeting

The Swim BC Annual General Meeting (AGM) is open to all members in good standing.  The AGM provides an opportunity to review the year, present the audited Financial Statements and provide an opportunity for the Standing Committees to report to the membership.  The AGM also provides the opportunity to elect Directors as per the Swim BC bylaws.  The agenda also permits the opportunity for members to ask questions of the Board and the Executive Director.

Member clubs are strongly encouraged to ensure that an appropriate representative is in attendance to vote on behalf of the club’s membership and to engage in the governance of Swim BC.  You may register one club voting delegate and one coach voting delegate per age group club. Coaches and Clubs must be fully registered with Swim BC. (MSABC clubs do not have a vote). Please note that Swim BC’s bylaws do not permit proxies, votes cannot be assigned.


Annual General Meeting 2023 (Held September 30th 2023 in Whistler, BC)


Past AGM Information

2022Approved Minutes | Annual Report | Financial Statements

2021 Approved MinutesAnnual Report | Financial Statements

2020Approved MinutesAnnual Report

2019Approved Minutes | Annual Report

2018 Approved Minutes

2017Approved Minutes

2016 – Minutes




2012 – Minutes

2011 – Minutes

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Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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