Swim BC Committees

Committees are set up to oversee specific aspects of the Swim BC organization, ensuring that careful management is applied in order to guarantee the best possible results for our sport.

Board Committees

Also referred to as Standing Committees, these committees are determined by the Board of Swim BC and report to the Board.

Committee Chair Members Terms of Reference
Policy Committee Sheila Nelson John Lawrence, Barb Ferreira Terms of Reference
Finance Committee Michael Hoche Jeannie Lo Terms of Reference
Human Resources Committee TBA John Lawrence, Barb Ferreira Terms of Reference
Nominations Committee     Terms of Reference

Operations Committees

These committees are struck by the Executive Director and report to the Executive Director. Specifically for operational agendas, these committees advise Swim BC staff on program development, direction and evaluation.

Committee Chair Members Terms of Reference
Awards Committee Ken Radford (Staff) Jy Lawrence, Sarah Rudolf, Chris Hindmarch-Watson, Sam Thoms (Staff) Terms of Reference
BC Swimming Hall of Fame Committee Brian Johns (inductee) Doug Perks (inductee), Chris Hindmarch-Watson, Ken Radford, Tracy Gardner (staff) Terms of Reference
Coaching Development Committee Cory Beatt (Staff) Carrie Matheson (Staff), Chad Webb (NCCP), Rod Barratt, Zachary Haw, Lucien Zucchi Terms of Reference
Competitions Committee Cory Beatt (Staff) Carrie Matheson (Staff), Ryan Skomorowski, Rod Barratt, Cole Bergen Terms of Reference
Officials Committee Carrie Matheson (Staff) Sheila Nelson (OCRC Rep), Dan Striker, Kerim Ozcan, Mike Stamhuis, Andrew Henneberry,  Piero Porreca, Glenn Greig, Victor Goh, Ron Bullock, Marilyn King Terms of Reference
Performance Development Committee Cory Beatt (Staff) Sam Thoms (Staff), Peter Vizsolyi, Marc Tremblay, Vincent Chung Terms of Reference
Safe Sport Committee Brian Horan  Ken Radford, Tracy Gardner (Staff), Official (vacant), Coach (vacant), Club President (vacant) Terms of Reference


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