BC Provincial Championships

The BC Provincial Swimming Championships are hosted twice each season, once in the winter, and again in the summer. Each competition provides a platform for top ranked para and able bodied swimmers aged 11 and older to showcase their dedication, passion, and pursuit of swimming excellence. This gathering of exceptional swimmers not only celebrates their remarkable achievements but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly rivalry amongst clubs, coaches, and competitors.

Winter 2023

The 2023 Winter Provincial Championships were hosted in Victoria by Island Swimming. Forty-two clubs and 551 athletes from across the province attend the competition.

Summer 2023

The 2023 Summer Provincial Championships were hosted in Vancouver by Vancouver Pacific Swim Club.

Historical Results
2022 BC Provincial Championships

2022 Winter Provincial Championships

The Swim BC Winter Provincial Championships were held in Victoria March 10 – 13, 2022. The meet was attended by 45 teams and 703 swimmers.

2022 Summer Provincial Championships

2021 BC Provincial Championships

2021 Virtual Winter Provincial Championships

2021 Virtual Summer Provincial Championships

BC Open Water Championships

The BC Open Water Championships are hosted annually for swimmers aged 11 and over. The competition includes races of approximately 1km, 2km, and 5km depending on the swimmers age.

Swim BC is committed to fostering the growth and development of open water swimming in British Columbia. We invite you to be part of this unforgettable experience as we celebrate the achievements of these remarkable swimmers at the BC Open Water Championships.

2023 Open Water Championships

The 2023 Open Water Championships were hosted in Abbotsford by Simon Fraser Aquatics. The event was attended by 103 swimmers from 14 clubs.

Historical Results
2022 Open Water Championships


BC Divisionals

Each winter and again each fall, Swim BC hosts three Divisional Swim Meets.

  • Island and Coastal Vancouver
  • North and Interior
  • Vancouver and Fraser

The three competitions provide an exceptional environment for swimmers aged 12 & Under, 13 – 14, and 15 & Over from all regions of the province. The Divisional meets have proven to be a memorable experience for participants and spectators alike, encouraging a lifelong love for the sport and the pursuit of excellence in every stroke.

Winter 2023

The Winter Divisionals were attended by 775 swimmers from across 38 clubs across the three competitions, hosted by the Canadian Dolphins Swim Club, Kamloops Classic Swimming, and the Surrey Knights Swim Club.

Summer 2023

The Summer Divisionals showcased the participation of 940 swimmers representing 40 clubs from across the province. The event consisted of three competitions hosted by the Langley Olympians, Richmond Rapids, and Kelowna Aquajets. Notably, the competition resulted in an impressive 149 new BC Provincial Championship qualifiers out of 469 swims. For a more comprehensive overview, please refer to the detailed report.

Historical Results
2022 Divisionals


The three Divisional Swim Meets, held concurrently February 25 – 27, 2022, included 675 swimmers from 43 clubs. A total of 263 swimmers achieved 592 swims at the BC Winter Provincial Championships standard.


  • Fraser & Island
  • North & Interior
  • Vancouver Coastal
Golden Flipper Challenge

The Golden Flipper Challenge is an annual challenge between Swim BC and other provinces. The challenge has been designed to develop spirit, story, and a rallying cry to inspire and motivate the swimmers, coaches, and their clubs. The regions will work collaboratively to share and compete in this friendly rivalry. The 2022-23 challenge is regionally based, with each region working collaboratively to strategize on how to best develop their event. This may include micro-challenges, special sets, or contests. We would like to thank Team Aquatic Supplies and Speedo for their support of this initiative.

This season’s contests:

    • Lower Mainland (Vancouver Coastal, Fraser River, Fraser Valley) vs Swim Alberta – 100 Breast
    • Vancouver Island Region vs Swim Manitoba / Swim Saskatchewan – 200 Breast
    • Thompson – Okanagan Region vs Swim Nova Scotia – 200 Fly
    • Kootenay Region vs Swim PEI – 400 Free
    • North East / North West Regions vs Swim New Brunswick – 100 Breast
Challenge Sets and Virtual Rankings

From time to time Swim BC will offer virtual programming which is conducted at home and submitted to Swim BC by the club’s coach. This type of programming was predominate through the COVID-19 pandemic which restricted the gathering of individuals for inter-club competition.

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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