Swim BC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group that works together to guide Swim BC toward the goal of growing and improving the sport of swimming in British Columbia. Each of the seven directors is elected to a two year term at the Swim BC Annual General Meeting, while the President is elected by the Board for up to two terms, or four years total.

Board Responsibilities

  • To uphold Swim BC’s constitution, bylaws, policies, and values
  • To provide the leadership and direction to implement, monitor, review, and update the Swim BC Strategic Plan
  • To review and recommend changes to the policies and guidelines of Swim BC
  • To respond to the directives of Swim BC
  • To receive and approve the operating budget
  • To promote the profile of Swim BC to the community
  • To evaluate the progress toward the achievement of the mission statement

President’s Responsibilities

  • To guide and oversee the business and financial affairs of Swim BC
  • To be aware of all business and financial decisions of Swim BC
  • To ensure the Board of Directors are kept informed of all critical matters pertaining to Swim BC
  • To ensure Swim BC is represented on all matters dealing with government agencies
  • To serve as the Swimming Canada (SNC) Voting Delegate, or appoint an alternative

Current Swim BC Board of Directors

Name Position Bio
Michael Hoche Director
Chair, Finance Committee
Chartered Accountant (retired), corporate experience in public companies, crown corporations and not-for-profits | Canadian National Team Swim Team member 1978-79 | NCAA - Texas A & M
Mark Versfeld Director BA Economics, Strategic risk mitigation in global commodity, currency and equity markets | Canadian National Swim Team member - World Championships, Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Games medalist | 2000 Olympian
Sheila Nelson Director Chartered Professional Accountant | Experience with various non-profits including the CPABC | Level V Certified Official | Nominated to the UANAd
Jeannie Lo Director Client Success Director at Blue Umbrella | President of CDSC since 2017 | Level III Official
Barb McBain-Ferreira Director RN for VCH for 30 years, currently a project manager for the VCH Regional Surgery Exec Council | 15 years of coach and volunteer expereince in Basketball | Canadian National Swim Team Member
Linda Stanley Wilson Director Retired univeristy professor in Teacher Eduction and Kinesiology specialzing in aquatics and outdoor education | President of the White Rock Wave Swim Club | Former collegiate swimmer and currently swimming Masters & Open Water
Vacant Director
Position is currently vacant. If you're interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please reach out to the Executive Director

Past Board of Directors

2021-2020: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collin (Secretary), Michael Hoche (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Eric Gottardi, Shelia Nelson, Mark Versfeld

2019-2020: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collins (Secretary), Michael Hoche (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Kacey Dalzell, Eric Gottardi, Mark Versfeld

2018-2019: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collins (Secretary), Michael Hoche (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Kacey Dalzell, Eric Gottardi, Mark Versfeld

2017-2018: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collins (Secretary), Pilar Catella (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Larry Chrobot, Eric Gottardi

Past Presidents

2018-2021: Linda Metcalfe

2014-2017: Jerome Beauchamp

2008-2013: Dean Crawford

2004-2007: Dorothy Miller

2000-2003: Susan Bauhart

1996-1999: Fran Heagy

1994-1995: Ellen Lloyd

1990-1993: Les Price

1987-1989: Flip Filipelli



Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


305-4420 Chatterton Way
Victoria, BC V8X 5J2



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