Swim BC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group that works together to guide Swim BC toward the goal of growing and improving the sport of swimming in British Columbia. Each of the seven directors is elected to a two year term at the Swim BC Annual General Meeting, while the President is elected by the Board for up to two terms, or four years total.

Board Responsibilities

  • To uphold Swim BC’s constitution, bylaws, policies, and values
  • To provide the leadership and direction to implement, monitor, review, and update the Swim BC Strategic Plan
  • To review and recommend changes to the policies and guidelines of Swim BC
  • To respond to the directives of Swim BC
  • To receive and approve the operating budget
  • To promote the profile of Swim BC to the community
  • To evaluate the progress toward the achievement of the mission statement

President’s Responsibilities

  • To guide and oversee the business and financial affairs of Swim BC
  • To be aware of all business and financial decisions of Swim BC
  • To ensure the Board of Directors are kept informed of all critical matters pertaining to Swim BC
  • To ensure Swim BC is represented on all matters dealing with government agencies
  • To serve as the Swimming Canada (SNC) Voting Delegate, or appoint an alternative

Current Swim BC Board of Directors

Name Position Bio
Jeannie Lo President
Finance & Nominations Committees
Client Success Director at Blue Umbrella | President of CDSC since 2017 | Level III Official
Michael Hoche Director
Chair, Finance Committee
Chartered Accountant (retired), corporate experience in public companies, crown corporations and not-for-profits | Canadian National Team Swim Team member 1978-79 | NCAA - Texas A & M
Brian Horan Director
Director of Corporate Planning and Strategy for Ricoh USA | 10 years Professional Australian Rules Umpire, facilitating both adult and youth football | Level II Official
Sheila Nelson Director
Policy Committee
Chartered Professional Accountant | Experience with various non-profits including the CPABC | Level V Certified Official | Nominated to the UANAd
Barb Ferreira Director
Chair, Policy Committee
RN for VCH for 30 years, currently a project manager for the VCH Regional Surgery Exec Council | 15 years of coach and volunteer expereince in Basketball | Canadian National Swim Team Member
John Lawrence Director
Chair,Human Resources Committee
Retired from role as Part Owner, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Brinkman Group of Companies | Board member & Treasurer for PSW in the early 2000's | Former president of Western Forestry Contractors Asscoation
Kristi McIntosh Director
Chair, Nominations Committee
Program Head in Electroneurophysiology at BCIT and an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at UBC | Level II Official & Clerk of Course | 11 Years experience in the Swimming Community

Past Board of Directors

2021-2022: Jeannie Lo (President), Mark Versfeld (Secretary), Michael Hoche (Treasurer), Shiela Nelson, John Lawrence, Barb Ferreira, Kristi McIntosh

2020-2021: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collin (Secretary), Michael Hoche (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Eric Gottardi, Shelia Nelson, Mark Versfeld

2019-2020: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collins (Secretary), Michael Hoche (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Kacey Dalzell, Eric Gottardi, Mark Versfeld

2018-2019: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collins (Secretary), Michael Hoche (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Kacey Dalzell, Eric Gottardi, Mark Versfeld

2017-2018: Linda Metcalfe (President), Liz Collins (Secretary), Pilar Catella (Treasurer), Mike Ball, Larry Chrobot, Eric Gottardi

Past Presidents

2018-2021: Linda Metcalfe

2014-2017: Jerome Beauchamp

2008-2013: Dean Crawford

2004-2007: Dorothy Miller

2000-2003: Susan Bauhart

1996-1999: Fran Heagy

1994-1995: Ellen Lloyd

1990-1993: Les Price

1987-1989: Flip Filipelli



Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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