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May 2, 2023

Swim BC continues to work to ensure that the Divisionals are a viable competition for the host club and the best possible competitive environment. As such we have made the following adjustments for the 2023 Summer Divisional Meets:

  1. The Qualifying Standards have been updated.
  1. We have included non-qualified swims.

Qualifying Standards 

The qualifying standards have been adjusted by 1 to 3%, depending on the age. The updated standards are available on the Swim BC website:

Hy-Tek files will be available later this week.

Non-Qualified Swims 

Swimmers who have achieved between ONE and SIX qualifying standards (QS) may enter up to SIX individual events in the following manner: 1 QS = 6 Event, 2 QS = 6 Events, 3 QS = 6 Events, 4 QS = 6 Events, 5 QS = 6 Events, and 6 QS = 6 Events. Swimmers who have qualified in more than SIX individual swims may enter the events in which they qualify up to a maximum of NINE individual entries.

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