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Interim Swim BC Meet Procedures

January 24, 2023

Click here for a PDF of the Interim Swim BC Meet Procedures.

Meet Sanctioning

New Meet Sanctions
If your club’s sanction application was not submitted prior to Jan 16th.All new Meet packages and Meet Entry files must be submitted through the following form:

Please add the following information to your club’s meet package document:

  1. Meet Entries Contact person/email
  2. Meet Referee Name and Certification Level
  3. If it is a closed invitational – add club codes of all invited teams to meet package
  4. Add “Clubs will be required to submit the complete list of coaches attending the meet”.
  5. If meet requires time validation, proof of times report must be submitted with entries.

Previously Sanctioned Meets

For club invitationals and/or time trials that have already been approved for a meet sanction prior to January 16th.

Swim BC has a copy of the approved meet packages, but Meet Managers will need to submit only their Meet Entry File through the following form:

Swimming Canada is working on developing a Meet page on their website where coaches and admin staff can find Sanctioned Meets along with their corresponding Meet Packages and Entry Files.
Corrections and Updates to Sanctioned Meet Information

Once a meet has been sanctioned and a club needs to update/correct a met package and/or meet entry file, please email Carrie Matheson ( with the updates.


Meet Entries

Two Options for Age Group Club Invitationals

  1. Clubs can email files directly to meet manager and/or meet entries contact
  2. Create a Meet Entries Submission Form (recommended)

Cognito Forms is a free forms building site (example)

  • allows you to build a form with uploading capabilities
  • can create a choice field option if the meet is closed (only have clubs that are invited to closed meet showing in the dropdown menu)
  • track all entries in one spreadsheet
  • have all contact information for all clubs attending in one spreadsheet (easier for communication needs leading up to the meet)

If a club would like help with creating a Meet Entry form in Cognito, please contact Swim BC ( for assistance. Example of what the form could look like:


Masters Meet Entries
Swim BC strongly suggests creating an online form for Masters Swimmers to enter. Cognito Forms is a free forms building site (recommended)

If a club would like help with creating a Meet Entry form in Cognito, please contact Swim BC ( for assistance.


Meet Results

If your club has not already submitted the Hy-Tek meet result file into the RTR (prior to Jan 16th), submit your results file (.zip) and Meet Summary Report (.PDF) from Meet Manager program to Swim BC via our online form –

Results will be posted to the SwimRankings website within 2-3 days.

Post Meet Invoice will be created by Swim BC and sent to the Meet contact person as quickly as possible.
Meet Managers will need to email the results file directly to all attending Club contacts as well.
Once RTR is operational – if there are any errors in the results files, Swim BC will work with the host clubs to resolve those issues with the results.

Creating Meet Summary Report in Hy-Tek

  1. Choose Reports from top tool bar and Choose Meet Summary option
  2. Ensure “All Events” are selected, for Report Type choose Summary Totals; for Format choose By Athlete, under Options include Athletes + Relays, once selected, “Create Report”
  3. Once the report is created, it will look like this, with the meet name and dates shown above. Save as PDF and forward to Swim BC.

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