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April 20, 2022

The Canada Summer Games will be taking place this August in the Niagara region. Swim BC is pleased to be announcing the Team BC staff and swimmers. Congratulations! We look forward to productive preparations this spring and successful summer.

Women Men
Sienna Angove (KCS)

Natascha Borromeo (WVOSC)

Kiah Craig (ISC)

Nathalia Day (CDSC)

Leila Fack (LOSC)

Macey Larson (LOSC

Kelly Qi (WDSC)

Maria Saldana Riebeling (CDSC)

Julia Strojnowska (CDSC)

Genevieve Verge (CHIN)

Taryn Weatherhead (KISU)

Bronwen Wheeler (SPART)

Lily Zhang (VPSC)

Jihoon Bae (LOSC)

Thomas Caruso (SPART)

Cameron Chambers (KAJ)

Sergey Chernomorchenko (PSW)

Bill Dongfang (ISC)

Aiden Erickson (LOSC)

Tristan Govier (HST)

Kristofer Hulten (ISC)

Peter Huang (SKSC)

Justin Jung (HYACK)

Laon Kim (HYACK)

Aiden Kirk (KAJ)

Paul Orogo (HYACK)

Ramon Siytangc (VPSC)


Team Leader

Team Manager

Canada Games Apprentice Coach

Team Coach

Team Coach

Team Coach

Cory Beatt (Swim BC)

Carrie Matheson (Swim BC)

Haley Bennett (RAC)

Dave Tontini (ISC)

Jy Lawrence (PSW)

Andrew Lennstrom (HYACK)

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