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Challenge Set #5 (MAY 31 – JUNE 6)

May 26, 2021

Swim BC is pleased to be announcing Challenge Set #5 in partnership with Team Aquatic Supplies and RaceTek. Awards totalling over $ 15,000 will be presented to the cumulative top point earners in each of the categories at the conclusion of the 12-week (6 set) program.

Next week’s sets are:

Challenge Set #5
All Able-Bodied             8 X 50 Choice Kick (One Stroke) with Board on 1:30
Para (SB1 – SB3)         4 X 50 Breast Swim – Push Start
                                                  (Classification Specific Intervals Below)
Para (SB4 – SB14)        4 X 100 Breast Swim – Push Start
                                                  (Classification Specific Intervals Below)
Please note

  • Kick with a board, with the exception of backstroke kick which is done streamlined.
  • No stroking to the wall.
  • The type of kick must be recorded. Choice includes Dolphin on Front with Board, Breast on Front with Board, Free on Front with Board, Back Streamlined.
  • Each swim must be recorded. Swimmers may be required to assist by recording on Sintra Plastic, Waterproof Paper, or Laminated Sheets.

Para Intervals

  • 4 X 50 Breast Swim        SB1 – 5:00 / SB2 – 3:00 / SB3 2:40
  • 4 X 100 Breast Swim      SB4 – 5:00 / SB5 – 4:20 / SB6 – 4:00 / SB7 – 3:50 /SB8, SB9, SB11, SB12, SB13, SB14 – 3:30

If you have any questions, please contact Cory Beatt.

All submissions will be accepted via the supplied spreadsheet and must be submitted to Cory Beatt ( by Monday, June 7th.

Thanks-you Team Aquatic Supplies and RaceTek for your support of this initiative.

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