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Golden Flipper Challenge – Swim BC leads Alberta, with limited racing opportunities in October

November 2, 2021

We are one month into this season Golden Flipper Challenge and the October results are now posted. Swim BC leads with 1047 points to Alberta’s 560 points.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and different restrictions in place in the two provinces, Swim BC has had a distinct advantage at the onset of this challenge. While Swim Alberta has had a slow start they will be gearing up for more racing and great butterfly performances into the coming months.

Maintaining our lead requires the collective efforts of our clubs, coaches, and swimmers. A couple of things you can do are: one, put effort into developing better dolphin kick, fly starts, turns, and stroking and two, challenge yourself by entering the 50, 100, and 200 butterfly events in competition or submit results from unofficial in-house butterfly swims.

The Golden Flipper Butterfly Challenge will continue through the 2021-22 Season.

Full Results:

Across both provinces, 53 Clubs have participated in the Challenge through either sanctioned competitions or in-house time trials. In October, the top 5 scoring clubs overall are:
1. Hyack Swim Swim – 177 Points
2. University of Calgary Swim Club – 174 Points
3. Vancouver Pacific Swim Club – 130 Points
4. Kelowna Aquajets Swim Club – 114 Points
5. University of Calgary Varsity – 75 Points

The top 5 scoring BC clubs are:
1. Hyack Swim Club – 177 Points
2. Vancouver Pacific Swim Club – 130 Points
3. Kelowna Aquajets Swim Club – 114 Points
4. Island Swim Club – 71 Points
5. Simon Fraser Aquatics – 70 Points

In the individual results, total points earned across all age categories are:
• Alberta – 291 Points
• BC – 526 Points

• Alberta – 269 Points
• BC – 531 Points

Great job BC! Keep up the hard work in November. Alberta is back in the water and ready to give us a real fight.

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