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January 18, 2023

Following up with the Swimming Canada CEO’s statement regarding the RTR System (found here), Swim BC would like to help our membership understand what the next few days and next steps are looking like.

Carrie Matheson (Swim BC Sr Manager Technical Operations) is working on the processes and tools required to manage the role the RTR system would have played in the conduct of your competition.  This information will be circulated as soon as we have it available, there are some instructions required that are coming from Swimming Canada, so we won’t be able to get anything out until we have that information.

Swimmer Registration:
Swim BC has a record of all swimmers that were entered into the RTR system prior to last weekend. We have a record of those invoices and will be processing those registrants.  For new registrants, we are working to develop a method to process your ongoing registration using your team management software or by submitting an excel file.  Please know that when a swimmer first registers with your club or signs up for a 2-week free trial, they are insured.  As long as their name and contact information appears on your registered swimmer list, they are considered a member of Swim BC and are therefore insured.  We will get you more information and the method for processing registration as soon as we are able. We are waiting for information from Swimming Canada specific to this process.

Coach Registration:
New coach registration will be handled in a similar way to new swimmer registration as described above.  For those coaches that were in the process of registering, please note that the CSCA website and their registration processes were managed by the same provider that ran the RTR system – so their site and registration systems are currently locked down.  When we hear from the CSCA we will be sure to circulate that information.

We’re in a bit of a holding pattern as Swimming Canada works to develop interim strategies.  We will be sure to communicate with you via Membership Bulletin when new information and processes are available.

Club Presidents and Head Coaches, could you please ensure that this messaging is forwarded to all those in your club’s administration that need to know (registrar, administrator, etc). 

Thanks kindly.

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