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Swim BC Announces Open Water Championships Cancellation 

June 13, 2024

With an abundance of caution, the Organizing Committee and Swim BC staff have decided to cancel the BC Open Water Championships. Originally scheduled for Friday, June 14th, the unseasonably cold spring has led to water temperatures falling below the thresholds set by Swimming Canada and World Aquatics rules. 

The Competition Managers have been closely monitoring the temperature of the Sasamat Lake competition course. The temperature has consistently hovered between 15 to 16°C, which is below even the wetsuit threshold rules. Furthermore, the current weather forecast predicts overnight lows of 3°C and a high of 11°C on race day, with rain. These conditions have made it clear that canceling the event is the safest decision. 

Swim BC prioritizes the well-being and safety of all participants. Although this cancellation is extremely inconvenient for participants, officials, and support personnel, we cannot ensure the safe delivery of the event under these conditions. We are deeply grateful for the efforts and leadership of the SFA organizing committee, particularly Paul and Miranda McNamara, and Open Water officiating expert Mike Stamhuis. 

All entry fees will be refunded. We will contact all payees with refund information next week. 


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