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Swim BC Board Announces New Initiatives

November 25, 2022

The Board of Directors of Swim BC is very excited to inform you of the launch of two significant projects. Reflective of our values and our commitment to membership engagement, the first project will focus on piloting the Sport Culture Index, a powerful and innovative way for us to measure our sport culture. The second project will be a comprehensive renewal of our strategic plan. We anticipate these initiatives will not only provide us with a clearer understanding of issues impacting our culture, but we expect they will provide us significant insight in defining a clear path toward the modernization of all member’s sporting experiences. Through these important projects, we will ensure that Swim BC continues to evolve as an organization driven by values. With your active engagement, we’re confident we’ll continue to develop and foster a safe and nurturing environment for all participants to thrive, regardless of their personal goals.

Swim BC is among the leading sport organizations that will be participating in the Sport Culture Index, a culture assessment being championed by Sport Law and powered by innerlogic.  This assessment will help us address areas that need improvement and identify the ways we can leverage existing strengths. The first phase is focusing on a specific cohort of Swim BC participants who play a significant role in supporting Swim BC’s operations including the Swim BC Board and Operational Committee members; targeted Club’s coaches, presidents, and administrators; as well as Swim BC staff. The team at Sport Law will review the data and as we progress and make recommendations on how to broaden the scope of the Sport Culture Index to all Clubs. We are excited to share the findings with you as this project progresses.

The second project will see us embark on a detailed strategic planning process designed to support our commitment to engage our membership. We are delighted to be working with Cheryl Humphrey from Sport Law to guide our planning process, including integrating the culture review in a meaningful way. Cheryl knows the swimming world extremely well, having recently been the Executive Director of Swim Alberta and prior to that an official and swimming parent.

If you have any questions about these exciting initiatives and our efforts to re-imagine Swim BC, please feel free to touch bases with Executive Director, Ken Radford.

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