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Swim BC Official of the Year

November 2, 2020

Official of the Year – Piero Porreca

Piero Porreca is a highly accomplished level 5 official who provides selfless leadership to the Swim BC officiating fraternity and swimming community.  Piero is currently a Regional Officials Director in the Lower Mainland, a challenging role requiring liaison with Club Officials Directors, leading certification clinics, along with the provision of officiating services for many clubs. Piero also sits on the Swim BC Officials Committee, the key leadership group for BC swimming officials.  As a very active BC Swimming community member, he has contributed a remarkable number of hours of volunteerism and leadership. His selflessness benefits thousands of youth in achieving their goals. Piero has contributed to countless competitions, from club time trials to provincial championships. He has been an exceptional mentor for other officials in our community. It goes without saying that officials are profoundly integral to our sport, Swim BC cannot thank Piero enough for his unselfish service.

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