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February 15, 2023

Swim BC is embarking on a new strategic planning process intended to create a comprehensive “Swimming in BC” strategic plan.  In our intent to grow as a modern and progressive sport organization, we have made an expressed commitment to use collaborative engagement processes to achieve our mission and vision in a manner that aligns with our values.

In December, we engaged a group of club head coaches, club administrators, and the staff and Board of Swim BC through the Sport Culture Index, an innovative survey that provided important information about our culture. We have used this information to inform the development of our upcoming strategic planning process. Our goal is to create a “Swimming in BC” strategic plan that will serve as a guidepost for all Swim BC members. Importantly, this plan will also provide a common vision, based on shared values to foster a greater sense of alignment as we continue to address common risks and shared opportunities.  As a result, we have designed an inclusive approach that will provide several opportunities for our membership to meaningfully contribute through surveys, interviews, and consultations.

The information gathered through these engagement opportunities will guide the Board of Directors and staff in making informed decisions on the mission, vision, values, and strategic directions that will guide competitive swimming in the province from 2023-2028.

A Membership Survey will be launched by the end of February and Engagement Conversations will be held throughout April.  The Board of Directors will meet in May to participate in a strategic planning session, and after approval, they anticipate presenting the plan to members at the BC Swimming Congress at the end of September.  The Congress will also be an opportunity for clubs to participate in a session on creating a club plan that shares in the vision of “Swimming in BC”

Swim BC is committed to keeping our membership informed throughout the strategic planning process by utilizing Membership Bulletin updates and website posts. The Board has identified a Leadership Working Group to help guide the planning process and will provide regular updates to the Board. The Leadership Working Group is comprised of Jeannie Lo, President; John Lawrence, Board Member; Ken Radford, Executive Director and Tracy Gardner, Club Services Manager.

To support our strategic planning project, Swim BC has engaged the services of Sport Law, one of Canada’s leading sport management organizations. Cheryl Humphrey, a Sport Law consultant, and former Executive Director of Swim Alberta will be guiding our efforts.

For more information on the “Swimming in BC” strategic initiative, please reach out to Swim BC Executive Director, Ken Radford.

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