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Swim School Registration

July 28, 2022

Over the past several months Swim BC has been examining opportunities to assist clubs’ options to grow their programming, to evolve their membership catchment, and where the opportunity exists, to expand the development base within their club.

Evaluating the current swimmer registration structure, we recognized that, to a certain extent, the registration categories define the “club business model”.  To improve upon this model, we sought a flexible way for clubs to address entry level registration. We also recognized that the current registration categories are “annual” and therefore limiting. The “annual” assumption does not provide clubs the flexibility to appropriately introduce the sport to entry level participants. It is inflexible, cost prohibitive and presents accessibility challenges for many potential members.

To address these issues, Swim BC is launching a flexible, low-cost registration category intended to capture entry level swimmers at the “learn to swim” and / or introductory level of the sport.  The attached document outlines and describes the procedure for clubs to participate in this registration category.  It is designed to be as simple as possible at the club’s end, and to utilize current club management software (ie/ Pool Queue). For complete guidelines on the program, click here.

We’ll evaluate the progress of this new initiative as the 2022/23 season unfolds and address procedural amendments where necessary.  We appreciate your flexibility in participating in this opportunity.  We would like to encourage clubs that currently do not have an entry level program to consider the growth option that this type of programming can provide.

If you have questions regarding the philosophy and direction of this project, please contact Ken Radford (Executive Director).  For question of a procedural nature, please contact Elisa Greenaway (Administration Coordinator).

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