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Swimmingly Pilot Project

October 30, 2020

Virtual Swim Meets 

Swim BC has reviewing and working with a web-based platform that enables clubs to run competitions designed to permit an easy / fast set-up, provide minimal touch points, and can run virtual competitions (limiting numbers of individuals on the pool deck and reducing travel requirements).  

The US based company, Swimmingly, is used by many swim leagues and LSC’s. We’ve been working with Swimmingly in a pilot project designed to determine the appropriateness of the platform for Swim BC clubs. Three clubs, COMOX, LOSC, and HST have been participating in the pilot, providing us with a good sense of its functionalityThanks to Tyler Lewall, Zach Haw, Brian Metcalfe and Brad Hutton and their clubs for their assistance.  

Next Steps 

We’d like to encourage each club to investigate and thoroughly review Swimmingly and then indicate to Swim BC if your club might be interested in Swimmingly as a tool to address competition in the time of COVID, and beyond.  Please provide that input using the Swim BC Swimmingly Inquiry Form by Friday, November 6th. 

Please note that Swim BC is investigating the opportunity to support each club in the province with the purchase of the Swimmingly Starter KitIts intended that the associated ongoing costs would then be the responsibility of the club. (ie/ monthly fee for the online Clubhouse). 

About Swimmingly 

Swimmingly an easy-to-use app that runs your entire swim meet, handling the actual operations of the swim meet – on the pool deck (timing system, DQ process, scoring, ribbon label printing).  Swimmingly shortens the length of the swim meet and reduces the number volunteers needed to run each meet. 

Each official uploads an app onto their phone and the starting, timing of races, stroke and turn judging, and scorekeeping is all managed by the app on the phone. No more stopwatches, clipboards, or paper. It can be set-up in minutes, and you can have the session up and running very quickly. 

The results are immediately viewable on the website or app for the phone and can be uploaded to Team Manager (if needed). 

The platform is an innovative way to conduct Time Trials and Swim Meets and gives the opportunity to run Virtual Meets by compiling the results from events run at different locations.   

The system can hook up to most starter systems or an external speaker. It does not interface with touchpads or scoreboards. It is best used for Time Trials, Virtual Swim Meets, and Developmental Meets. We are also interested in the new ways that you come up with using the platform… what about a skins meet, or a virtual meet with a team in Texas! There are many opportunities to explore. 

Swimmingly was developed by Charlie Houchin, US Olympic Gold Medalist, and has a team of swimming minded people. They have been proactive on working to ensure that Swimmingly suits our specific needs and have updated the software to accept our SNC ID Numbers as well as add a number of features that are relevant to us.  


If you would like more information regarding this Swim BC initiative, please contact Cory Beatt Swim BC Technical Director.

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