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Swimmingly Update

November 13, 2020

Thank-you to those who have expressed interest in the Swimmingly platform, an easy way to hold Time Trials and Virtual Swim Meets. We have nearly 1/3rd of the BC Teams interested in getting set-up with Swimmingly.

Swimmingly is a very simple platform that has three key benefits that are helpful during COVID times:

  1. Easy Set-up: It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to set-up the meet before the first race is off of the blocks.
  1. No Touch Points: The meet is run off of people’s personal devices. There are no stopwatches, clipboards, pencils, or paper.
  1. Virtual Swim Meets: Swimmingly has the ability to merge results from different club’s time trials to make a virtual swim meet.

If you’re interested, but have not yet completed the Swim BC Swimmingly Inquiry Form, please do so as soon as possible. Swim BC will be coordinating the purchase of the Starter Kit in the coming weeks and will be leveraging the bulk purchase to better rates.

To assist clubs with the start-up costs for Swimmingly, we’re very pleased to inform you that the BC Swim Coaches Association (BCSCA) will be initiating a $500.00 grant program for each age group club in the province.  Among other eligible expenses, the BCSCA Board has agreed to add the cost of the Swimmingly Starter Kit and Clubhouse Subscription to the allowable expenses.  The BCSCA will be releasing details on this program shortly.  Swim BC thanks the BCSCA for the opportunity and their support of the Swimmingly initiative.

If you would like more information regarding Swimmingly, please review our last article, view the swimmingly website, or contact Cory Beatt – Swim BC Technical Director.

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