Performance Development Programming

Swim BC proudly promotes the development of its athletes in collaboration with our partners.


Canadian Sport Institute & PacificSport Athlete Support Program


Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, through a partnership with the Province of British Columbia, viaSport, the network of PacificSport centres, and Swim BC, collaborates to deliver programs and services to place BC athletes onto National Teams, and ensure athletes and coaches have every advantage to win medals for Canada. The partners work jointly to encourage sport excellence and increase podium performances in communities throughout BC.

Through the above partnership, and with the above purpose in mind, Swim BC nominates athletes and their coaches who meet specific criteria for Canadian Sport Institute Pacific / PacificSport athlete or coach registration. Upon registering, athletes and coaches can engage in enhanced programs, benefits, and selected support services through Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and the network of PacificSport regional centres in BC.

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and PacificSport athlete support is tiered across four levels based on performance, each with a slate of designated benefits.

Athlete Benefits

  • Community Partnerships (discounted products/services at selected retailers).
  • GymWorks™ (free gym access at numerous partner facilities).
  • Free Education Programs (Athlete Advance™, Sport Performance Speaker Series, Athlete Readiness seminars).
  • A variety of Grants and Bursaries.
  • And much, much more!

Athlete Selection

Swim BC has created a set of criteria for selection to the Athlete Nomination List. There is no application process. Athletes are selected by Swim BC, and a list is submitted to an Athlete Coach Services Technical Expert at Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. Please click the link to view the Nomination Criteria | Nomination List.

The 2020-21 athlete selection criteria is summarized below. Please note that the criteria is subject to change from year to year.
The selection criteria for this year is based on performances done from September 2019 through March 2020, either SCM or LCM. The program has 4 Tiers: Canadian Elite, Canadian Development, Provincial Development 1, and Provincial Development 2. Swimming Canada identifies the Canadian Elite swimmers through the Sport Canada Carding program. Swim BC identifies the remaining three tiers.
Women                Year of Birth 2002 & Older + 800 FINA Points (Single Swim) or SNC On Track 3
Men                       Year of Birth 2002 & Older + 800 FINA Points (Single Swim) or SNC On Track 3
Para                       700 IPC Performance Points
Women                Year of Birth 2003 & Younger + 1390 Combined FINA Points (Top 2 Swims)
Men                       Year of Birth 2003 & Younger + 1330 Combined FINA Points (Top 2 Swims)
Para                       600 – 699 IPC Performance Points
Women                Year of Birth 2006 & Younger + 1100 Combined FINA Points (Top 2 Swims)
Men                       Year of Birth 2005 & Younger + 1045 Combined FINA Points (Top 2 Swims)
Para                       450 – 599 IPC Performance Points
I am an athlete. How do I know if I can get access?
Upon approval of the Swim BC Athlete Nomination List, athletes and coaches will be notified via email from Swim BC and provided with the information to complete registration at one of the eight campuses/centres across the province. Athletes and their coaches can make an appointment at their corresponding centre to complete their intake meeting.
Why am I not on the list?
If an athlete’s name is not on the Athlete Nomination List, and they believe that it should be, they and their personal coach are advised to contact Cory Beatt at Swim BC. Once the appeal is received, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Swim BC and Canadian Sport Institute Pacific.

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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