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Women’s Prospects Camp Recap

April 11, 2024

**Prospects Women’s Camp: A Resounding Success in Victoria, BC**

Our recent Prospects Women’s Camp held in Victoria, BC, brought together 29 of the top athletes from 12 clubs across the province for a weekend of training and learning. The camp aimed to provide a safe and enjoyable environment while fostering collaboration among swimmers and coaches from diverse backgrounds.

One of the core objectives of the camp was to recognize that excellence is built upon mastering fundamentals. Participants focused on core skills such as push-offs, streamlines, underwaters, kicking to the walls, splitting, and time tracking, and how these skills play a role in successful racing.  Cory Beatt, Technical Director at Swim BC, summarized the camp learning with this quote: “Excellence is the accumulation of the seemingly insignificant.”

The success of the Prospects Women’s Camp would not have been possible without the support and expertise of organizations like 94 Forward, CSI Pacific, and Head to Head, whose contributed to the overall experience for all the participants. Special thank you is extended to Kasia Gruchalle-Wesierski, Olympic gold medalist from the 2020 Tokyo Games in the women’s eights boat (rowing), who shared her insights on perseverance and resilience with the swimmers, leaving a lasting impact.

Huge thank you to the dedicated coaches who played a pivotal role in the camp’s success: Tina Hoeben (KISU), Roberta Roos (NRST), Grace MacDonald (UVPCS), Stefan Pripoae (KAJ), and Andrew Woinoski (LOSC). Their time and talents contributed to the positive experience for all participants.

The Prospects Women’s Camp not only provided a platform for skill development but also fostered camaraderie and a sense of community among female athletes and coaches. Thank you to all who made this weekend a success!

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