Club Excellence Program

Like many amateur sports organizations, swim clubs are most typically not-for-profit organizations run by volunteer boards that regularly change from season to season.  As many volunteers and board members have experienced first hand, this type of structure can pose challenges in running and maintaining a successful organization.

Club Excellence allows clubs to operate and thrive based not on the personalities of a given year's board members, but rather on the backbone of a strong organizational structure.

Additionally, our sport is out there competing for the business of all families who are looking to get their children involved in sports.  Club Excellence is a measure by which those families can make educated choices around the organizations that they wish their children to be involved in. 

The Club Excellence certification marks a sports club with the recognition that they provide quality programming, have standards in coaching, that they have good governance, that they have good "people policies" in place, that they are financially accountable, and that they have a plan for marketing, recruitment and revenue generation. 

Club Excellence identifies a particular club as a good investment in a family’s sporting dollar and a solid organization with whom to entrust your child.  These are goals that are applicable not only to individual clubs, but for the sport of swimming at the provincial and national levels as well. 

What is Club Excellence?

  • National certification program
  • Based on 30 standards in six core areas: 
    • Program delivery 
    • Coaching
    • People management 
    • Governance
    • Financial accountability
    • Marketing, recruitment and revenue generation
    • Recognizes clubs and associations that invest in building capacity to meet and exceed a basic set of operating principles
    • Achievable through three levels of certification 
    • Supports any and all sports
    • Third-party-operated, fair and transparent process
    • Can contribute to better governance; increased financial accountability; improved integration with national and provincial sport organization programs; and increased awareness of LTAD or LTPD philosophies

Club Excellence and SwimBC

Swimming Canada is one of the five founding partners in the Club Excellence Cooperative.  SwimBC is taking a leading role in the implementation of this program with its membership and is encouraging all member clubs to begin to engage in the process of becoming Club Excellence Certified. 

Penticton’s KISU Swim Club has acted as a pilot club in the province going through the certification process and Jill Doroshuk, Regional Director for the Thompson/Okanagan has been working with the Club Excellence Cooperative as SwimBC’s resource person for supporting clubs through the process. 

Support and resources are available to all SwimBC clubs! 

We encourage you to register with Club Excellence, and to become a member of SwimBC’s Club Excellence Community.  

You are welcome to contact Jill Doroshuk ( for more information on how you can become involved with the Club Excellence community within SwimBC.