BC High School Swimming Championships

To get the your swimmers' results from BC High School Championships included in the SCN results system, the team name in the meet database must be changed to the correct Swim BC club code (and of course, their name must match as well, so if they're "Mike" in your club but "Michael" in school, for example, that will have to be changed as well).

I will do this for all Swim BC clubs who send me the following information no later than Thursday, November 22, at noon.

Swimmers from ________ (name of club)
(Please designate one person from your club to do this so we don't receive multiple submissions from a club.)

And then for each swimmer from your club who competed at High School Champs: 
Swimmer Name (as it appears in your HyTek database):
Swimmer Date of Birth (in case it's missing):
SNC Registration ID number (in case that's missing):

If the information you provide is incorrect or incomplete, your swimmers' results won't get included.

If you're just looking for online results for BC High School Champs, they are available here

Sanctioning BC High School Meets

Swim BC receives requests for sanctioning High School meets, and Swim BC does indeed sanction these events so that the performances of Swim BC athletes can be "official" and used for meet qualifying and even team selection in some cases.

However, if the following steps are NOT taken, the times performed at these meets will be as official as a get-out swim in workout (i.e., they won’t be).

  1. Meet manager for the High school Zone meets and High School Provincial Champs must submit sanction application. Being that there are assorted teachers and other volunteers doing this, instead of applying for sanction online, they’ll have to do it by paper (the old-fashioned way).
  2. A copy of the sanction form is available by emailing cmatheson@swimbc.ca
  3. On the sanction application, a properly certified Swim BC referee must be the senior official at the meet. A BCSSA referee as senior official will void the sanction. 
  4. There is a $50 sanction fee for sanctioning the meet, but no Provincial Team Splash Fee.
  5. Submitting entries: Now, here’s where it gets tricky. The good news is that whoever is running the meet is most likely using HyTek Meet Manager, so they will be able to import HyTek meet entry files and export HyTek results files. The bad news is that each swimmer’s name (as it appears in SCN registration database), birthdate, SCN swimmer ID number, and CLUB must all match the information for that swimmer in the SNC registration database. Being that swimmers are entering as members of their respective high school teams, they will most likely generate a "CLUB MISMATCH" when trying to upload results.
    Hence, the need for the process at the top of this page.