About Swim BC

Swim BC is the Provincial Sport Organization and governing body for competitive swimming in British Columbia. Including over 100 clubs and four university teams, competitive swimmers can be found in every region of the province and collectively boast over 12,000  individual members (swimmers, coaches, club board members, and officials).

Swim BC is driven by its vision, striving to develop, deliver, and promote a variety of services and programs aimed at enhancing all swimmers’ experience of competitive swimming in the province. Our organization exists to ensure that every swimmer has access to coaching, training opportunities, competition, and above all, a safe and fun swimming environment.

2018-2021 Strategic Plan

and vision overview


Swim BC Constitution and Bylaws

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


104-4430 Chatterton Way
Victoria, BC V8X 5J2



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