Australian Youth Olympic Festival Notes and Log Book

Here are some observations from the Australian Youth Olympic festival as well as the coaches log, which is attached at the bottom.

Swimmers were fairly well adjusted to the travel by Saturday morning, 2 days in. First days training bouts didn’t affect them getting to speed in their pace work.

The precision of stroke making, particularly the Japanese. Not a lot of unnecessary splashing.

Aussie freestyle, recovering arms not hands, precise placement on entry. Consistent balance between arms and legs.

Underwater speed superior to ours.

Great lift on last quarter always from Aussies. We need to get better at sprinting and lifting in the last 15 meters.

Several winners of medals in back to back events, race-medal ceremony-some warm-down-race. Great focus and fitness.

Japanese 200 breaststroker Araya Kazusa was almost just sculling on the surface with his pull, his coach said this was to keep him as close to the surface as possible. This seemed to be evident with other Japanese swimmers. All the motion was forward, not much up and down.

We need to get better at relays. We aren’t getting the extra lift necessary to break through to the medals. This needs to start at the club level.

I have attached the coaches log book from the recent Australian Youth Olympic festival tour.

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