2018 - Upcoming NCCP Courses

Upcoming Course Dates

FIRST STEP - complete the pre-course workbook well in advance before looking for a course.

There are a number of NCCP courses that are scheduled over the next few months. Please have a look at these and sign up soon as they are on the NCCP site as they are dependent on registration numbers and will be cancelled if not enough are registered.

If you would like an NCCP 101 course in your area and have more than eight coaches ready to go (that is, they have, or are near having completed, the pre-course workbook), email Chad Webb for a date that we can arrange a course in your area.

Prior to registering for these courses, pre-requisites and pre-course workbooks must be completed. 

  1. 101 course March 23-25 Richmond BC. 
  2. 101  Course March 23-25, 2018  Victoria BC (registration available)
  3. 101 Course April 27-29, Penticton BC
  4. 201 Course Aug 31- Sept 2, 2018 , Richmond BC. 
  5. 301 Course September 19-24 , 2018 Whistler BC (During Coaches Conference)  
  6. 101 Course September 21-23, 2018 Whistler BC (During BC Coaches Conference)           REGISTRATION opens a few weeks prior. Courses only run if minimum numbers have been met.  - https://www.swimming.ca/en/nccp-course-registration/ 

UPCOMING Multi-Sport Courses. Pre-requisites for ALL Swimming courses (101, 201 and 301) and can be taken at anytime.