How to Become a Coach

Swim clubs in BC are always looking for caring, committed, knowledgeable new coaches to help raise the next generation of swimmers. If you are interested in becoming a coach, the best way to get the ball rolling is to read through the requirements below to see if you meet the requirements for registration as a coach.

Registration Steps for Coaches

Due to the significant responsibility and demand for expertise placed on swimming coaches, Swim BC requires that coaches register nationally and adhere to a strict set of standards set out by Swimming Canada.

For the 2020-2021 season, the policies regarding coach registration can be found in the Swim BC Registration Manual.

Coach registration ensures that coaches understand the procedures that are in place so that clubs meet Swim BC & Swimming Canada registration requirements and that the BC Swimming Community is in line with current Safe Sport mandates. Coaches will need to work with their Head Coaches and Club Registrar’s to ensure that they meet all registration requirements.


  1. Ensure your current certification meets the minimum requirement for your coaching category.
  2. Submit a Criminal Record Check through the Criminal Record Review Program.
  3. Complete Safe Sport training.
  4. Complete the CSCA Screening Questionnaire.
  5. Sign the Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Form
  6. Ensure your RTR profile is up to date and includes your NCCP number.
Coach RTR Profile

Please ensure you log into your Coach RTR Profile and ensure your information is up to date. You can access the RTR system here. If you have issues with login, use the “Forgotten Username/Password” link under the login button to reset your credentials. When resetting a Coach Profile, please ensure in the dropdown where is says PSO you select Coach Account.

All coaches are required to sign the Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk form. It is done digitally through the RTR system. Once logged into your coach profile, select the “Consent” tab in the menu. This will bring you to the Coach Consent page and the form will be available in the table. The form will guide you through the steps and you must hit Submit once all the fields are completed. Both you and Swimming Canada will receive  a copy of the signed form. You will also need to agree to the Swimming Canada Code of Conduct and Swimming Canada Email Consent. Both can be found below the Assumption of Risk Form.

To make the Certification Verification process quicker, please include your NCCP Number in your RTR profile. If it is not included, Swim BC will have to request a transcript which will delay your registration. If any personal information changes throughout the year, please make sure the change is reflected here as well.

Criminal Record Checks

All registered coaches must submit a Criminal Record Check through the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). Criminal Record Checks are valid for five years. You will need a Swim BC access code which will be circulated annually, you can reach out directly to Sam Thoms if you haven’t received it. Instructions are included with the Access Code, but please be sure to read each step carefully when going through the system.

This process can take two weeks or more depending on the volume of requests. Please ensure that you take processing time into account before you start your coaching position. If you have done a Criminal Record Check through CRRP in the last five years, you can share that Criminal Record Check with Swim BC by clicking “Share Results of a Completed Criminal Record Check.”

The CRRP recommends that Internet Explorer is used when requesting your Criminal Record Check.

Safe Sport Training

Coaches are required to take Safe Sport training. This training is to be completed once every five years. There are two options for Safe Sport training:

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders/Coach

Cost – $30
PD Points – 3
The Respect in Sport course will automatically be registered in the RTR system upon completion. Please ensure it is associated with your NCCP Number to allow for proper communication between the systems.

Coaching Association of Canada’s Safe Sport Training

Cost – Free
PD Points – 2
The CAC Safe Sport training does not automatically register in the RTR system. To ensure credit for this course is recorded you will need to login to the Swimming Canada Learning Management System (LMS) and confirm completion.

NCCP Certification

NCCP Training is a standardized training program managed by the Coach Association of Canada. It is sport specific, with specialized training for Swim Coaches. There are minimum NCCP certification requirements for each coaching level. These requirements can be found in the Registration Manual on page 6. Coaches have until November 30th each year to meet the certification requirement.

Need to register for an NCCP course? Access your pre-course workbook? Complete your portfolio? Verify your Safe Sport Training?  Swimming Canada Learning Management System  (LMS)
The LMS is where coach can complete their pre-course workbooks, register for courses, complete their portfolios and evaluations, monitor their NCCP status, verify their Safe Sport training and take the Swimming Canada online modules to obtain professional development points.

NCCP Development Model
The following image outlines the different NCCP pathways and how to move through the certification levels. You can download the image here.

First Year Coaches
A first-year coach is a coach that is registered for the first time in their career. They have different certification requirements than coaches coming back year after year. If at any point in the past the coach was registered as a coach with another club and starts coaching at a new club, they are not considered a first-year coach. First-year coaches have until November 30th of their second year to meet the requirements for a returning coach.

There is no First-Year coach option for A1 or B level coaches, this is because these levels of coach certification are aligned with the certification requirements for coaches at National Championships.

Any coaches registering after November 30th (of the current season) have 30 days to complete the requirements.

NCCP Compliance Examples:
New Group/Assistant Coach is hired and registered in Sept 2020: By Nov 30th, 2020, this coach will need to have, at minimum, a NCCP status of “In-Training” (complete the Swimming 101 Pre-Course Workbook and be registered for a Swimming 101 course).  By Nov 30th, 2021, this coach will have to have the NCCP status of “Certified” (complete the following: Making Ethical Decisions Training, Fundamentals Coach Portfolio and Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation).

New Junior and/or Support Coach is hired and registered in Sept 2020: By Nov 30th, 2020, this coach will need to have the NCCP status of “In-training” (complete the Community Coach Course).  By Nov 30th, 2021, this coach has to then have the NCCP status of “Trained” (complete Making Ethical Decisions Training).  By Nov 30th, 2022, this coach must have the NCCP status of Fundamentals Coach “Trained” (complete the Swimming 101 pre-course workbook and course).

CAC Locker & CSCA

CAC Locker

The Locker is the Coaches’ Association of Canada database that records every coaches’ NCCP training certification as well where coaches can update/maintain their Professional Development Points.  It is the responsibility of each Coach to manage their certification levels. The Locker login page can be found here.


The CSCA is the Canada Swimming Coaches Association. All registered coaches are required to be a member of the CSCA. As part of registration, Coaches will need to go through the CSCA Screening Questions. When a coach is registered in the RTR system, they will get an email with a direct link to these questions. You can also login to your CSCA Profile through their website and answer the screening questions that way. 

Swim BC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.


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