Swim Club Insurance and Fundraising Forms

Insurance Form

  • Insurance Form:

  • 2018-2019 Certificate of Insurance Request Form

  • Here are a few reminders regarding how to fill out the request form:

    1. Please type into the word document, save it and email it back to the Swim BC Office Manager (officemanager@swimbc.ca).

    2. Please make sure that you are making the Certificate out to the ENTITY (not the Swim Club) who is requesting your proof of insurance.

    3. The start date should be the date you make the request; expiration date should be expiry date of the policy (e.g., November 30, next year).

    4. Please review the contract with the entity requesting the proof of insurance to ensure you include all of the details they request such as being added as an additional insured, or including the Cross Liability Clause, or including the 30 Days cancellation notice by Insurers statement.

    Note:  Clubs will need to re-submit a request for a copy of the renewed policy effective December 1, of each season.  For the dates that the certificate is valid, please use the day you submit the form until the expiry of the insurance policy.

  • Out of Country Travel Ins Request Complete form and fax or send to the Swim BC office 7 days prior to travel.

  • Accident Claim Form.pdf Within 30 days of the accident, mail the original completed form and medical receipts directly to the BFL Claims department. The mailing address is found on the claims form. Please also fax or scan a completed copy of the form to the Swim BC office within 30 days of the accident.

  • Open Water Training Guidelines - to ensure insurance coverage for Open Water training sessions, the guidelines contained within this document must be followed.

  • Insurance Policy Information:

    Swim BC provides its membership with the following insurance coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

  • The operations of the insured includes:

    • All Meets and Training sessions

    • Training Camps

    • Fundraising Events

    • Provincial Competitions

    • National Competitions

    • Social Events

    • Club, Provincial and National Meetings

The insurance provides coverage for Swim BC, Clubs, their Officers, Directors, Coaches, Officials, Participants, Employees and Volunteers, who are participating in the program.


2014-15 Season

SwimBC wishes to inform its membership of an important update to the Swim-a-thon program, coming from Swimming Canada CEO, Ahmed El-Awadi. Any questions on the implications of this can be directed to the SwimBC office at 604-898-9100.

Swim-a-thon is now run solely as an on-line system. Clubs who do not wish to provide tax receipts to their donors do not have to use the Swim-a-thon system.

Below you will find a link to the Swim-a-thon webinar to provide you with the information needed to be able to run your Swim-a-thon along with other important documents to assist you. 

Other Fundraising:

A quick word about Tax Receipts for charitable donations (other than Swim-a-thon) to your club: 

While Swim BC can issue Tax receipts for Swim-a-thon only, other donations can be routed through the recently upgraded National Sport Trust Fund. The NSTF, BC Chapter, administrated through Sport BC, will better serve our member clubs who are fundraising and wish to offer Tax receipts for eligible donations to their organization. 

Some of the changes to note are; 

  • A percentage based Service fee.

  • Cash, cheque or credit card donations are accepted.

  • Multiple donations to one Project can be accommodated.

  • Pledge payments over time are accepted.

  • Gifts in kind are accepted.

  • Donor Recognition and Gift Acceptance letters available

  • Some fundraising initiatives may now fall into the category of a Project. Once a Project is registered and approved by the Fund Manager, donations will be eligible to receive tax receipts. All payments are made to NSTF. Donations need to be $100.00 or greater. Service fees begin at $2.00 + 2%, more details are available in the Operational Manual.

    Please obtain and read the Operational Manual for detailed information and Donor Letters, Project Applications, Grant Request forms etc. The link to the NSTF web page will guide you to this document detailing the policies and procedures associated with the National Sport Trust Fund in BC.

    Website (on www.sportbc.com): National Sport Trust Fund 

    For more information, contact Guilherme Heinrichs at Sport BC: gui@sportbc.com or phone 604.333.3418

    To submit project applications or ask questions regarding the NSTF Operating Manual, a Project or the NSTF clubs can contact Mandeep Mander directly.

    The National Sport Trust Fund offers the opportunity for our members to develop fundraising projects which target fundraising from private sources; including individuals, corporations and foundations.

    Projects which would be eligible are;

  • Annual Giving Programs (eg: Alumni Drive, intermittent gifts)

  • Specialized Campaigns (eg: Equipment purchases)

  • Campaigns to support specific programs

  • Events (eg: Contributions to competitions, Golf Tournaments, Silent Auctions)

  • These examples are not the limit! Having the opportunity to offer Tax receipts for donations or contributions may assist you in developing fundraising projects to procure more donations.