BC High School External Sports Credit

The External Sport Credits program began in 1997 and is designed to recognize the level of participation which you are involved in as an elite level athlete in British Columbia. It includes athletes who are competing on provincial or national teams, are Team BC members attending the Western Canada Summer Games or the Canada Summer or Winter Games, as well as BC and National Athlete Assistance recipients.

External Sport Credits For High School Students Information Sheet

External credits are available for swimmers registered with Swim BC who have met the following criteria:

  • Athlete 10: Provincial Championships- 14 & U Females Qualifying Time or Provincial Championship - 15 & U Males Qualifying Time

  • Athlete 11: Canadian Junior Championships 15 yr-old Females or 16 yr-old Male Qualifying Time

  • Athlete 12: Canadian Swimming Championships 16 yr-old Female or 17 yr-old Male Qualifying Time; or the Canadian Trial Open Qualifying time

Regardless of when the performance was achieved, the times will be compared against the current season's time standards to make the determination of a swimmer's eligibility for credit; the current time standards can be found on our website here.

To apply for credit, qualified individuals must make a written request by email, outlining the following:

1.  Credit(s) they would like to apply for;

2.  One or more events, including the achieved time and competition it was achieved, in which they have the applicable time standards; and

3.  Applicant's mailing address.

Swim BC will then mail the applicant a letter which can be presented to one's counsellor at their school.

Please send application letter or have any further questions do not hesitate to email rebecca.burgoyne@swimbc.ca