Message from ISC President - Officiating at Meets

Message From the Board President (ISC)

In every swim club, there’s those parents who volunteer at every meet, including other clubs’ meets. When you become a “veteran volunteer”, you quickly figure out the best meets and the Victoria Masters is one of them! I would like to send a shout out to everyone who inspired me last Saturday.

First, my thanks go out to Hope Milloy, for her tireless dedication to every ISC volunteer AND because she had the brilliant idea in 2015 that our teenagers should give back to their sport as volunteers; to Betsy Dunphy who trained them last year, and came back to train the 2016 wave of teenagers; to Andrea Nugent who took the older swimmers and trained them as Stroke & Turn Judges; to Alan Monks our Referee, who worked with them, giving them the confidence
to be officials; to Cam Ross and Kristen Sinats, who never settle for less than perfection, coming in early & staying late, sometimes when they aren’t scheduled to be at a meet at all; and to the countless individuals who dedicated a full day and the families who put in multiple shifts, together.

The magic of this meet is in the generations. I watched the dedication of our teenagers: how gallantly our timers helped a 93 year old onto the blocks...she could probably do it herself, but she graciously accepted the help; the intense look of concentration of our adult Chief Timers with our teen timers as they prepared for a swimmer in their lane coming in for a World or Canadian record – a few times it was 4 lanes in the same heat! I watched our Stroke & Turn teens, who undertook a challenging job, and brought their DQ slips to Al, with conviction but also compassion, knowing how it feels to be DQ’d.

Two years ago when the Board came up with the slogan #Lane4ForLife, we didn’t fully appreciate swimmers, like “Betty” who at almost 93, swam multiple events, starting the day with the 400 Free and the 90 year old gentleman, who came in at the end of his 800 Free to cheers from everyone!

I would also like to celebrate our ISC athletes at the Masters. I watched many ISC parents compete, as their children volunteered... AWESOME when the tables turns. Congratulations also to of our former ISC swimmers. I’d especially like to congratulate Coach Sarah (Blue Group), former Coach Cindy and Referee Leon, who swam, and we cheered for you!

Saving the best for last, Coach Avila is an inspiration to us all, as a coach to our youngest swimmers; as a mentor to the ISC teenaged coaches she trains; and finally her focus and dedication as an athlete, which I witnessed first hand, she’s amazing. Avila achieved a world record in the 100 Breast, a Canadian record and BC record in 2 other events. Congratulations Avila, you inspire us all.

If you’ve never volunteered for the Masters Meet, we’ll see you there next year, if you sign up early! See you at the next Time Trial next week or May Medley Challenge.

Jody Kitts, President, Island Swimming Club (and volunteer in the booth!)