Prospects Fall Camp Report

The Prospects Fall Camp took place last weekend at Watermania in Richmond. The 32 swimmers represented clubs from all over the province. On Friday swimmers from PGB, KAJ, LLSC and CONNU arrived and took part in a training session with the RAPIDS. They were joined on Saturday by three Island swimmers and 23 LMR swimmers from RAPIDS, LOSC, CHENA, WDSC, CHENA, PSW, SPART, WSC and HYACK. The camp coaches were, Brain Metcalfe LOSC, Ben Keast WDSC, Darryl Rudolph CHENA, Steve Sadownik CONNU, Rob Petiffer and Dennis Silva RAPIDS.

 Pool sessions focused on turns and push-offs. Swimmers were taught to glide immediately after the push-off to maximize their speed off the wall. At that point we had swimmers do four fish kicks (dolphin kick on the side in streamline) and two dolphin kicks trying to minimize knee bend and emphasize the speed of the kicks.

 Stroke count and reliability was stressed through a number of sets. Swimmers were expected to hold a low stroke count while their speed increased, trying to remain efficient instead of using more strokes to attempt to maintain speed.

Mental performance consultant Renee Hock talked to the swimmers about relaxation through controlled breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. She went on to run through some visualization exercises where swimmers were asked to use all their senses to create more vivid images. Canadian Sport Pacific nutritionist Dana Lis was on hand to teach the swimmers about recovery food and timing of post workout eating. Chad Benson from Canadian Sport Pacific went over an extensive and creative activation routine. Look for it on YouTube soon!

Click here for the camp workouts