Prospects West 2011 Team Announcement

Prospects West is a training camp and Tri-meet with thirty-two 13 and 14 year-old Team BC swimmers joining with teams from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This year the camp will run from April 14-17 at the University of Lethbridge.

The camp will be led by Cascade Swim Club Head Coach Dave Johnson. The camp will continue to focus on stroke reliability as it has over the past two seasons. There will be sports science support and information provided in the areas of bio-mechanics, psychology, physiology and dryland.

Here is the complete team:

2011 Prospects West    
13 year old Girls      
Event Swimmer Club Coach
Sprint Free Whelan, Sara HYACK Andrew Lennstrom
Distance Free Doyon, Lydia PSW Annie Wolfe
Backstroke Singh, Cai Hong WDSC Amy Canuel
Breaststroke Purdon, Cassandra VASC Cindy Mabee
Butterfly Overholt, Emily WVOSC Janusz Kaczmerek
IM Takahashi, Nina VPSC Tyler Lewell
Wildcard #1 Bruyckere, Richelle RAC John Campbell
Wildcard #2 Powell, Madison VASC Cindy Mabee
13 year old Boys      
Sprint Free Fry, Darian PSW Annie Wolfe
Distance Free Zhao, Edwin PSW Brad Dingey
Backstroke McDonough, Kevin DELTA Steven Hitchings
Breaststroke Lin, Mason PSW Annie Wolfe
Butterfly Schramm, Justin LOSC Brian Metcalfe
IM Fan, Hau-Li RAPID Doug Thompsen
Wildcard #1 Polson, Luke TYEE Cindy Mabee
Wildcard #2 Yuan, Darren PSW Annie Wolfe
14 year old Girls      
Sprint Free Chung, Alicia VPSC Tyler Lewell
Distance Free Parkkari, Isabel WGB Marek Poplawski
Backstroke Bradley, Heidi VASC Cindy Mabee
Breaststroke Mcmillan, Lauren PCS Rod Barratt
Butterfly Kan, Alicia SFA Cory Beatt
IM Black, Haley PGB Jerzy Partyka
Wildcard #1 Mabee-Hall, Sarah COHO Cindy Mabee
Wildcard #2 Leung, Sarra HYACK Mark Bottrill
14 year old Boys      
Sprint Free Lee, Gabriel WDSC Ben Keast
Distance Free Brothers, Peter VASC Cindy Mabee
Backstroke De Costa, Brandon RAPID Rob Pettifer
Breaststroke Branham, Mackenzie WVOSC Janusz Kaczmerek
Butterfly Higa, Dillon VPSC Tyler Lewell
IM Cristurean, Cristian SFA Cory Beatt
Wildcard #1 Takahashi, Andrew VPSC Tyler Lewell
Wildcard #2 Croft, Gareth PRASC Chris Street